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10 Features Nairobi men find attractive in women

Men will always notice outstanding features in women.

Have you ever wondered what a man notices and what he truly finds attractive about you?

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Here are some physical features that men adore and find attractive in women.


Believe it or not, men are attracted to big boobs, with a narrow waist combo.

Studies for tracking eye movement have shown that when looking at a woman’s picture, men check out the breasts first, and stare at them for long.

Women get surgeries to enlarge and make their breasts full for more attractiveness. Some wear bra types that enhance their boobs.


Men are drawn to beautiful eyes.

Our eyes tend to communicate a lot, for instance they enlarge when we see a person we like, and men love it!

Good hair

Good hair is normally seen as an indicator of good health.

Men love women with natural, long and silky hair, and are turned off by dyed and greasy hair.

Studies have also found that in looking at such a feature, men think about their children having good healthy hair from the mother.


Men report to love long legs, this explaining why they are attracted to women in heels.

It is believed that having long legs is a sign of good health, and affects fertility. Men are weirdly attracted to short women with long legs. One such woman is Marilyn Monroe.


Men are attracted to unique women with unique style!

They are more likely to notice a woman who has gorgeously dressed out of the ordinary.

Not to mention, studies have found that men are attracted to women dressed in the color red. This is because red is considered an alluring color, associated with passion.


Generally, taller people are seen or see themselves as authoritative. Men love to be seen as powerful and authoritative.

Due to this, they tend to be attracted to women who are shorter than them. This could be due to social factors and masculinity, as some men also prefer tall women.

“Baby Face”

According to the book, Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose, studies have found that men find women with “baby faces”; small nose, eyes and chin, as sexy and attractive.

They also love women with big eyes and full lips.


The mouth and teeth are very important when it comes to attractiveness.

White and clean teeth are attractive and make a beautiful smile. No man would like a woman with dirty teeth and a smelling mouth. Well, neither would a woman want such a man.

It is vital to watch your breath and dental health!


Men can go crazy over a girl’s booty!

Men don’t really know why they are attracted to bums but it could be because a firm, big bum emphasizes a womanly figure.

Some believe that it is an indicator of fertility and good child birth. Who knows?

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Clear skin

Yes, men adore clear, lovely and healthy skin.

Acne is very unattractive and if you have an outburst, make a visit to a dermatologist and use natural skin products that are skin-friendly.

I mean, having a natural healthy look to your skin is very attractive to people.

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