Can a Kikuyu Man Marry a Luo Lady?


Here are some of the reasons why there are fewer marriages between Kikuyu men and Luo women.

Usually, you’d find a Kikuyu woman gushing over her Luo date, but you rarely find a Kikuyu man praising or marrying a Luo lady.

Even if we have a small percentage of Kikuyu men marrying Luo women, it remains uncommon, and trust me, such marriages are still few and far between.

Actually, many Kenyans believe that intermarriages are the most proper way of uniting warring Kenyan tribes.

Below are some of the reasons that stop Kikuyu men from marrying Luo women, as gathered from different individuals.


Many Kikuyu men complain that Luo ladies are unconcerned about development; Luo women prefer flashy lifestyles and lavish pampering, which Kikuyu men who want to accumulate wealth despise.

A Kikuyu man would always pick a woman who wants to buy plots and do farming over the one who wants to drive a Mercedes Benz or rent exorbitant houses in Lavington.

2.They are lazy

A section of Kikuyu men said they dislike lazy women. And word has it that Luo women are lazy while Kikuyu ladies are hailed as hardworking. And, in most cases, Kikuyu men prefer to confine themselves to the Bantu-majority GEMA communities (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru, and Akamba).


Former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Jomo Kenyatta and wife Achola Ngobi. Photo/courtesy

3.Obstinate and arrogant

According to thorough research, Luo women are stubborn and arrogant. One Kikuyu man said, “We don’t marry Luo women because they are arrogant and so proud even when they have nothing to be proud of.”

Kikuyu men who married into the tribe also revealed that the ladies are very stubborn and would advise fellow men to marry GEMA ladies who are easier to handle.

4. Culture and Traditions

Kikuyu men, according to their traditions, shouldn’t spend a night at their in-laws, but they are forced to sleep over there because they can’t make it back to the central region due to the long distance. It is unusual for a Kikuyu man to hire a private plane just to transport the bride price to the ladies’ families. He’d always prefer to marry someone close to him, a fellow Kikuyu woman.

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5. They want a bedroom bully

Some Kikuyu men revealed that women from the Lakeside are bedroom bullies, something they cannot keep pace with. Luo women, on the other hand, hold Kikuyu men in low regard due to their exaggeratedly poor bed performance. This will always lead to a divorce because she’ll always walk out.

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