10 Features Men Find Attractive in Women

features men find attractive in women

Here are some physical features that men adore and find attractive in women

Editor’s note: Our reporter Getty Soila writes about features men find attractive in women.

Men will always notice a woman’s outstanding features.

Have you ever pondered what a man sees in you and what he finds most alluring?

Men adore and find the following physical traits in women attractive:


Believe it or not, men are attracted to the combination of large breasts and a slim waist.

Men first notice a woman’s breasts in a photograph of her and linger there for a while, according to studies on tracking eye movement.

For greater appeal, women have their breasts enlarged and made fuller by surgery. Some women wear bras that accentuate their breasts.


Men are drawn to beautiful eyes.

Women’s eyes have a lot to say, and men really enjoy it when they widen when we see someone we like!

Good hair

Generally speaking, healthy hair is a sign of good health.

Men want ladies with long, silky hair that is natural. They are, however, repulsed by coloured and greasy hair.

Additionally, studies show that when males see this attribute, they envision their own children inheriting their mother’s beautiful, healthy hair.


Men claim to be attracted to long legs, which explains why they find women wearing heels attractive.

Long legs are thought to affect fertility and be an indication of excellent health.

Interestingly, short women with long legs attract men. Marilyn Monroe is a prime example.


Men are drawn to women with unusual fashion!

They are more inclined to pay attention to a woman who has dressed well and unconventionally.

Not to mention, according to research, men are drawn to women who are dressed in red. Red is said to be a seductive colour that is linked to passion, which explains why.

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Men like women who dress elegantly. Photo/courtesy


In general, taller people are viewed as authoritative, or they believe they are. Men enjoy being perceived as strong and in charge.

As a result, men frequently find themselves drawn to shorter women. Given that some males also favour tall women, this may be a result of social influences and masculinity.

 “Baby Face”

Studies have revealed that males regard women with “baby faces”—smaller than average noses, eyes, and chins—as sexy and alluring. This is according to the book Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose.

They adore females with large eyes and full lips as well.


When it comes to making an impression, the mouth and teeth are crucial.

White, healthy teeth are appealing and create a lovely smile. A woman with bad breath and stained teeth wouldn’t appeal to any man. Well, a woman wouldn’t want such a man either.

Watching your breath and oral health is essential!


Men have a thing for a girl’s booty!

Men are drawn to bottoms for reasons that aren’t fully understood, but one possibility is that a firm, large bum draws attention to a womanly body.

Some people think it’s a sign of fertility and healthy childbirth.

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Clear skin

Yes, men admire beautiful, clear skin. It is one of the features men find attractive in women.

Acne is quite unsightly, so if you break out, see a doctor and utilize skin-friendly natural skin care products.

People find it incredibly beautiful when you have skin that is healthy and natural-looking.

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