6 Tribes with Most Beautiful Women in South Africa


Without a doubt, some of the most beautiful women on the African continent live in South Africa.

Yes, the Amahles and Melokuhles of South Africa are stunningly gorgeous.

The love of their culture is a characteristic that additionally makes South African women attractive.

Hearing a South African woman talk is always refreshing due to her genuine demeanour and lovely accent.

In the same spirit, South Africa has a diverse population as well as a rich history.

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And us Zoomers Association (ZA) guys, don’t we just adore those Zulu dances when the girls throw kicks in the air while in a short skirt?



Allow me to go right to the point. My standards for ranking South Africa’s most beautiful women include a number of factors.

Among those are facial traits, such as a lovely forehead and eyes. Having a defined jawline, bright, rounded cheekbones, and a well-proportioned nose are additional considerations.

We also examine the skin’s texture and beautiful smile. And this being Africa, we also consider the nyash, or ‘the rear guard.’


The issues now arise: Aren’t the bearers of these traits dispersed among all South African tribes?

Of course, yes! All of us can agree, nevertheless, that certain tribes have more attractive women than others.

In this article, we will mention the six most beautiful women in South Africa.

Here is our ranking of the six South African tribes with the most beautiful women. The list is not arranged in any specific order.

1. Zulu

2. Tswana

3. Xhosa

4. Sotho

5. Swati

6. Venda

As previously mentioned, this is a subjective list that may differ for different people.


Therefore, if your tribe isn’t on the list, don’t be disappointed.

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Which tribe do you think has the most beautiful women in South Africa?

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