Big Nyash: Why Black Men are Obsessed with Curvy Women

big nyash

Netizens have been making fun of Harmonize by alleging that he is obsessed with big nyash.

The Tanzanian superstar sparked an online buzz after unveiling his new love, Yolo the Queen.

So much so that comments posted online in Kenya and Tanzania in response to pictures of well-endowed girls have been quite funny.

The majority of the commentators have been claiming that when Harmonize sees a curvy girl, he loses all self-control.

And according to the netizens, Harmonize’s ex, Fridah Kajala, is proof of the musician’s obsession with curvy women.

Patrick, who works for a reputable media outlet, recalls experiencing “the power of big nyash” firsthand.

Patrick explains, “There were three of us, and the headquarters needed someone from the area to be promoted and sent to Nairobi.”

He continues, chuckling, “Our boss was a ladies’ man, and the fact that I was a lousy writer meant that I was automatically locked out of the equation.”

The journalist claims that the subsequent roller coaster of events is what helped him grasp the saying “getting to the top through the power of the bottom” and that most men are helpless when they encounter a curvy woman.

“The supervisor commented when she met my female colleagues, ‘This one can write very good stories,’Patrick remembers, despite the fact that the skinny lady was in every way the superior writer.

According to him, the decision culminated in unease among the coworkers as they struggled to accept the unfairness of the boss’ choice.

“The discouraged girl later gave up journalism and went into teaching. My coworkers and I still refer to curvy girls as “she can write very good stories”, laughs Patrick.

Amina claims that she regrets the day during a team-building event when guys noticed her voluptuous backside. Since that time, “my colleagues see me as the totality of everything my mother gave me.”

“They also spoil me with favours.”

“Whereas previously I was walking around the office undetected, now I’m the target of crude comments from male colleagues who are constantly trying to hit on me,” she grumbled.

Amina claims one of her bosses even promised to buy her an expensive house in Nyali if she agreed to be his second wife.

Yolo the queen

Harmonize’s girlfriend Yollo the Queen. Photo/Instagram

While some women view their endowment as an annoying weight they must bear, many other women use it to propel themselves forward in life.

Faith, who describes herself as a party animal and event planner, feels that a girl’s booty is her best feature.

“I host certain corporate events because the influential folks in this town want to think of themselves on my side of the fence,” she says.

But does every man find large nyash fascinating?

“Big Nyash is not my preference. The medium size is what I like,” claims Benjamin Omondi.

Omondi claims that although in the past he loved girls with large nyash, he later discovered that curvy women did poorly in “badminton marathons”

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When it comes to dating, nyash is a key factor for Samuel Waithaka.

“It is the most important element I take into account before I date a woman.”

According to Waithaka, “To me, nyash is like the degree requirement in some jobs.”

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