Lydia Kahiga: PCEA Pastor Asks Wives to Stop Denying Husbands Conjugal Rights


-Reverend Lydia Kahiga of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) has urged married women not to deny their husbands’ conjugal rights.

-Reverend Kahiga said withdrawing conjugal rights went against the principles of salvation.

Reverend Lydia Kahiga has urged married women to make sure their partners are happy in the bedroom.

Reverend Kahiga criticized wives who use their marital issues as an excuse to deprive their spouses, stating that this goes against the tenets of salvation.

The Kiambu-based PCEA preacher said in a widely shared video that “a married woman should let others use anything she has but doesn’t use herself.”

“Mama aokoke kila pahali. Kama uko na bwana ujue part ya kuokoka is to take care of your husband. Kitu yenye uko nayo na hutumii patia mwenye anatumia”

She further urged women to control their emotions and act rationally at all times.

“It is true, umekwama nayo na hutumii. Ati umekasirika? Kama umekasirika kasirika mdomo, lakini kitu yenye hautumii peana. You don’t use it; what are you mad about?”

“Wewe weka beef zako pahali. Lakini kitu yenye hautumii peana tafadhali. Please, it is not yours.”

The response to the sermon was amusing. Even some men suggested she required state security.

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Principal Upcoming: While some women abuse their husbands, many women are eager for partners.

“I overheard my widowed neighbour say that she had a right to find a mate because her spouse left her with his possessions. She must belong to this church, I suppose.” Someone else said

Akhonya Alfayo: You are the pastor we need.

King Msafii: “Where is this church? I need to be listening to this woman of the Lord every Sunday.”

Eliakims Wellington: I like how she is using well-selected words to transmit a very important message.

Humble Jeypah: Huyu akisimama 2027 atakuwa Statehouse saa mbili asubuhi.

Roseline Kimathi: Sasa hii ni spreading the gospel, ama ni immorality.

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Steve: “CS Kindiki, we demand state security for this brilliant mind. She is the pillar of the current generation.”

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