KenyaVsMalawi: Netizens Lock Horns in Hilarious Twitter Fight


-Kenyan and Malawian netizens locked horns on May 20 in an epic KenyaVsMalawi Twitter battle.

Kenyans on Twitter, or KOT, are known for being vicious when arguing with people online.

Even South Africa and Nigeria have previously experienced KOT’s fury and acknowledged Kenyans’ propensity for violence.

On May 19, a tweep started a fight between Kenya and Malawi, which led to a funny online exchange of jeers between the two African nations’ tweeps.

It seems that Kenyans were more focused on making fun of Malawi than they were on their own economic problems because they believe Kenya is superior to Malawi.

But it wasn’t only about the infrastructure and the economy; online users from the two nations also used every meme and photo they could find to make fun of one another.

Over time, the hilarious internet conversation expanded to include the presidents of the two nations, their militaries, and the attractiveness of their women.

But it is important to note that the clash was merely a chance for the netizens to forget about the economic slump and other issues of the day.

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Here are some of the amusing tweets that best describe the confrontation:

Yah, it’s KenyaVsMalawi, babe!

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