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10 ways to Know if Your Child is a Genius


Editor’s note: Deepak Rahul discusses ways to know if your child is a genius.

Most parents believe their children are the smartest in the world. This is good, and children should be nurtured to believe they can do all that they dream they can become.

Yes, it is in order to imagine your child being the next Isaac Newton or, better yet, Albert Einstein.

Yet while your child could be gifted, the truth is they may still not be anywhere near the level of a genius.

So, how can you know if your child is a genius?

1. Curiosity
One of the characteristics of a genius child is curiosity. This quality shows up at a tender age. I had a cousin who, at the age of five, could repair an iron box.

But it all started first by opening the iron box, and he somehow figured out its operations.

Interestingly, most of us were at the time interested in play and other non-beneficial matters. He is today a very successful electrical engineer with some patents to his name.

2. Communication
Gifted children have a way of communicating concisely. Still, my cousin would answer questions with baffling precision, always avoiding beating about the bush.

I understood this better when I came across his mathematics, chemistry, and physics exam papers. For instance, in chemistry, he would write an equation where one sufficed instead of longwinded explanations common with most learners.

You could see his chemistry teacher was pleased by his concise manner of answering questions.

3. Humility
My cousin scored highly in exams, but he found no need to show off. If you happen to taunt a fellow child as he watches, he will react in a manner that shows his disgust for that kind of behaviour.

What’s more, in elementary school, he scored 100% in all subjects, but you rarely found him discussing academics.

However, this was not the same with us in the 70% range, as you would find us walking shoulder-high and exhorting ourselves before those with lower scores.

He would also help you grasp a concept if you approached him.

4. Weirdness
Apart from my cousin, with whom we happened to be in the same class, there was another kid who was equally gifted.

But I found it funny that both the boy and my cousin would nap in class as the teacher taught fervently.

Interestingly, they would answer correctly if the teacher challenged them with a question.

5. Non-attachment to material things
Believe it or not, most gifted people are unattached to material wealth and pleasure. My cousin seized every moment to study.

Nothing could stop him whenever he wanted to study something. As I have stated before, my cousin went on to study electrical engineering and has several patents to his name.

Surprisingly, he resents showy behaviour or even boasting about his achievements.

6. Logical

Some average and slightly above-average people tend to be very emotional when approaching arguments and matters.

However, geniuses are on another level, and most would only admit a thought upon finding a logical connection.

I found it interesting that even at a young age, my cousin could challenge some long-held points of view by asking questions.

7. Funny
Genius kids can be funny, no matter what questions they ask. And this trait of being funny grows as they grow.

Watching my cousin from a young age, I think humour comes easily from geniuses, given their easy demeanour.

8. Innovative
I was always surprised at the many approaches to solving a mathematical problem that my cousin had.
Now, what’s intriguing is that the teacher would show us one method, but my cousin would come up with two others. Some even left the math teacher surprised.

9. Avoiding physical altercations
Most real geniuses have very little time for physical confrontations. We’re talking about people who are constantly thinking about complex scientific issues and philosophies.

My cousin hated physical confrontations as a kid, a trait he has maintained to date.

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10. Collaboration and friendship

Geniuses love collaboration with other equally talented people. I remember my cousin’s best friend being a kid who was also equally smart.

I once eavesdropped on the discussion, and well, I realised I couldn’t grasp what they were discussing.

And what’s more, he has maintained friendship with his childhood friend, and they still hang out together to date.

What’s more, most geniuses have few friends and are poor at making friends.

What are other ways to know if your child is a genius?

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