KenyaVsZimbabwe: Netizens Lock Horns in Hilarious Twitter Clash



If an investigation is carried out, Kenyan internet users might emerge as the most vicious internet users.

Kenyans using social media are now focused on the situation in Zimbabwe after engaging in online war with their colleagues from other countries, including Tanzania, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Zimbabwe’s economic woes, typified by their weak currency, were the main topic of the Friday, April 28 Twitter fight between Kenyans and their Zimbabwean adversaries.

The Kenyan netizens seemed to be making fun of their Zimbabwe counterparts’ economies under the KenyaVsZimbabwe hashtag.

The Zimbabweans also put up a strong fight by painting Kenya as a backward country. And they did this by retrieving some of the funniest pictures from Kenya on the internet.

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Others debated the infrastructure of the two nations, with Zimbabwe’s appalling currency serving as  the sticking point for Kenyans. Here are a few of the humorous tweets that characterised the clash:

Oh, my! Mutahi Ngunyi went for the jugular

 Oh, yes!

And here comes own goal.

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