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SDA Preacher Advises Women to Commit to Partners Before Hitting 40

Pastor Elizabeth Mokoro PHOTO/COURTESY

Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) pastor Elizabeth Mokoro has advised ladies to hold onto their partners.

In a video from a sermon she recently delivered, the preacher said there are older women who are desperate for love and pray for any type of men.

As such, Mokoro insisted that it is important for ladies to stay committed to their partners and treat them right.

She said that it has gotten worse for some women who even wish to have a jobless man as long as they get into a relationship.

“40 to 45 years old women are searching. Pastor pray for me, I’m yet to get a man. In fact, now they have money, they are looking for a man who they can take care of

“They pray that ‘God just bless me with any man I will take of him’. Then you are joking with your boyfriend! Men are few. Most of them are in Kamiti and Kodiaga prisons,” Mokoro said.

Earlier, the preacher warned women against marrying men who are younger than them.

Mokoro maintained that age is not just a number as widely believed, insisting that marriages where women are older than men are bound to fail.

She explained that a woman was made out of a man’s rib and so a man should come first in any type of union.

Mokoro explained that anyone who goes against the analogy is trying to reverse the original order and he will be shocked in the end.

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“You came before the man. Your rib is elsewhere. God was not a fool. So if you know you are in this relationship where you are older than the boy quit as soon as yesterday. It won’t work,” she said.

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