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11 Signs You’re Dating a Classy Woman


Justus Otieno from Kisumu in Kenya, writes on the obvious traits of a classy woman based on personal experience.

One of the greatest and rarest opportunities a man could have in life is the chance to date a classy woman.

Being in a relationship with a refined woman brings you happiness, stability, respect, and contentment.

It’s a common misperception that class corresponds with pricey jewelry and outrageously priced clothing.

Not at all.

Another myth is that a sophisticated lady is one who speaks with an exotic accent that shouts sophistication.

Not at all.

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Let me now tell you, in brief, about my dating experience with a woman who I subsequently discovered was the epitome of elegance.

Here are some of the characteristics I picked from my woman:

1. A classy woman is not an attention-seeker. She would love her job and drive a great car, but she doesn’t think excessive sharing on social media is worth it. She is silent and thoughtful, thinking things over carefully before speaking.

2. She never wears revealing clothes. Her well-fitting clothing does not draw attention to her curves. No matter the circumstance, a classy woman never wears skimpy miniskirts.

3. She is tenacious in pursuing her goals. She is passionate about her pursuit of her family’s and her profession’s objectives.


4. A refined lady steers clear of conversations that could lead to insults or escalating tensions.

5. She stays away from meaningless chatter that doesn’t really enrich her life.

6. Classy women exercise patience with others. In other words, a sophisticated woman will give you time to grow personally.

7. A refined woman frequently devotes so much of her time to personal growth that she has little time for rivalry.

8. She doesn’t determine their worth by material possessions. This characteristic helps this group of women avoid males who entice them with material possessions.

9. There aren’t many friends for them. In other words, they are picky about who they choose to be friends with.

10. They value and adore decent men. In other words, they don’t think there’s a need for men and women to compete. Instead, they envision a world in which men and women can cooperate.

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11. They are typically more rational and calmer. Women are recognised to have a stronger emotional tendency than men. But a classy woman is generally less emotional and naturally poised to lead.

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