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10 Uncomfortable Truths All Men Should Know


Editor’s note: Tonny Eze from Nigeria shares some uncomfortable truths that all men should know.

1. You must possess the ability to handle stress. The amount of stress that a person can tolerate without breaking is a testament to how far they can go or achieve.

2. You are nothing but the actions that you take and the value you provide. What you call your “personality” and charm are irrelevant. Yes, I still say that a little action speaks louder than words.

3. There can be no winners without losers. Yes, sometimes you still end up losing, even when you give it your all. If you are not willing to be competitive, then you are destined to be a loser.

4. Girls don’t care about all the things you did for them if you stop being their best option. Hypergamy is real. She is probably drawn to the newest and finest things.

5. No girl will ever love you unconditionally. Female love, except for maternal love, is oftentimes conditional. You will probably be disappointed if you test your girl to confirm this information.

You will never be anything more than mediocre if your only goal in life is to feel comfortable.



6. Either luck finds you working, or it doesn’t exist. You must act and live your life. You have to work hard for what you want—fast cars and a peaceful, fulfilled life—or you’ll never achieve it.

7. Time is of essence. You did indeed hear me. Start right now. You will fail if you don’t do something.

8. The quality of your life reveals something about the quality of the decisions you make.

9. If you want to rise beyond mediocrity, you must become influential and well-connected.

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10. There is a threat to your freedom. Indeed, try to stay away from pointless beliefs and customs that don’t significantly enhance your quality of life.

What other uncomfortable truths about life do you know?

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