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What are Some Daily Habits that Can Change my Life?


 Editor’s note: Ken Johnson from Tanzania shares his daily habits that have transformed his life.

I developed some daily habits that have improved my life since my 20s. I’ve compiled a list over time, and my diary does a good job of capturing it. I’ll give you access to the list today.

1. My main goal is happiness. No phones or TV when I wake up. As I get ready, I reflect on everything for which I am grateful. And express gratitude. I forget what I had to worry about by the time I leave for work.

2. I kiss my wife. Hello, good morning, and good bye. It’s funny how I always feel emotionally connected, even if I don’t feel emotionally obligated afterwards.

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3. I put pen to paper. Writing helps me to calm my racing mind and organise my ideas. It makes me feel satisfied and at ease. You might not be a writer, but try it and see the results.

4. I plan out my day as I drive to work. I consider it carefully. And I commit it to prayer. What do I have to do? How to overcome the obstacles. With whom to have a conversation? I’m set when I arrive there.

5. I work efficiently. I’ve determined what tasks I must complete each day to maintain the growth of my company. I have them scheduled. Now I just avoid getting distracted.

6. I eat for good health. Healthy breakfast. The beauty of making my lunch is that I control it. Avoid fast food. Nothing packed. Restaurants, seldom. Your body generates excellent things when you feed it healthy things.

7. I take a sip of the news. This is to say, I only check in with the world during lunch as I eat in my workspace. I check blogs, and I avoid sad news. I completely avoid TV news.

8. I work out. Most nights, my wife and I go for walks. I continue to practice kickboxing. This is my moment to relax after spending the entire day hunched over a desk, absorbing stress. This is beneficial to the body, mind, and heart.


A good work out is beneficial to the body, mind and heart. Photo/courtesy

9. I read and grow everyday. Maybe a biography, book, self-help, or motivational book. I also read fiction to pass the time and hone my writing skills. I’m always learning new things. I heard that constant reading and writing enhances neuroplasticity.

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10. I enjoy my eight hours of sleep. My body relaxes and my mind clears as I sleep. In case I have insomnia, I take a few CBD gummies, which normally knock me to sleep.

These are a few of my daily habits that have significantly improved my quality of life.
An extraordinary life is built by doing the important things every day.

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