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How I’ve Maintained my Health and Fitness Without Going to the Gym


45-year-old Salome Adhiambo, from Nyali in Mombasa, shares how she has maintained her health and fitness without joining the gym.

I have always respected those who faithfully adhere to workout programs. Also, these individuals pay gym dues and are likely to frequently post photos on social media to demonstrate this.

Having said that, I established a routine when I was a young woman that has allowed me to maintain my health and fitness. Also, I achieve this using the least expensive methods possible.

Yet, it is important to note that despite the fact that I have never joined a gym, if you were to run into me, you would probably assume that I reside there.

I am aware that many are curious about this low-cost method of maintaining fitness.


I stay away from wheat-based foods like bread, croissants, and pastries. I discovered that avoiding these goods has been quite successful in preventing belly obesity.

Eliminating gluten is very beneficial if you have Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), etc., in addition to being effective against belly obesity.

You’ll probably notice improvements in your focus and a decrease in belly fat if you avoid wheat-containing items.

In the same vein, unless you enjoy vigorous exercise, avoid those thick smoothies with bananas. I once observed my weight starting to increase while consuming a vegetable smoothie with bananas.

Did I mention that I eat two meals a day? In the same vein, I’ve made it a practice to have breakfast before 10 am and supper by 7pm.

I often eat boiled pumpkin and roasted seed mixture, an egg, and hot cocoa for breakfast. My other favorite foods include pancakes or boiled yams, cassava, or arrow roots.

I typically don’t drink tea lattes during the workweek and only do so on the weekends when I don’t have to focus on my job.

On most days, I choose ugali with beef steak for supper. In addition, on some days I eat steamed broccoli, chicken, rice, and other cruciferous vegetables like kale or amaranth.

I also consume fruits and nuts like pistachios, cashews, and macadamias.

I eat fish at least twice a week. I occasionally eat veal and chapatti as well.


Why the interest in proteins, you inquire? In essence, proteins support maintaining strength and leanness.

I periodically also take my supplements, including licorice and vitamins.

I also drink eight glasses of water per day, as recommended, spread out throughout the day. I take two after breakfast and two after lunch, respectively. I have two more glasses at 4 p.m. and the final two by 8 p.m.

I think early and regular meals are undervalued given the restful sleep they provide.

Exercise routine

Maintaining a regular fitness routine is crucial if you want to see long-term improvements.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine is crucial if you want to see long-term improvements.

It is funny to observe people who start working out and want to see results right away. Such folks lose their energy early, forgetting that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I’ll walk you through my journey to prove my point.

I could only manage five rope skips that day when I started working out. My ribs were hurting, and I can still remember how unpleasant it was.

I persisted, though, and a little more than a week later, I had increased the number to 100. I would continue to increase the amount of rope skips, and at the moment I can complete at least 1000 in one motion.

Moreover, I perform pushups at least twice per week. I could hardly do five at once when I first started, but with consistency, I can now handle 40.

On a similar scale, I jog five miles three times per week. Even when I travel outside the country, I ensure that I adhere to these rules.

In addition, I occasionally engage in strength training that entails hauling a tractor tire across an open field.

This has the advantage that I perform it barefoot, as some unconventional healers’ advise.

Practice mindfulness

I believe that because nutrition and exercise have received so much attention, we frequently overlook mindfulness.

And I suppose it’s because no one taught us that stress can mess with our hormones, leading to accidental weight gain.

So, unwind and calm down. Take those lonesome strolls early in the day and later in the evening. Digest your troubling thoughts and tell yourself everything will be okay.


Make sure to connect with your spiritual side at least once a week to keep it alive.

When I can, I make it a point to read the Bible every day, and I also try to go to church at least once a week.

Lazy day

You did hear me correctly. A day when I stay in bed is considered a lazy day.

Today is the day that my husband and I discuss our goals for the future and how we want to raise our three kids.

Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it is my leisurely day.

On this day, we have the option of delaying breakfast till noon.

Also, I get to completely disconnect from the events of the week, particularly those that were difficult for me.

In addition, I write down in my journal anything I might have forgotten earlier in the week on this day.

I also write down my thoughts in the diary on how the week went, the objectives I met, and the things I hope to do in the upcoming week.

A cold shower at least twice a week

Have you ever wondered why recruits at boot camps take cold showers? The answer is straightforward: a cool bath can aid in soothing the nervous system.

After a 5-mile run, try taking a cold-water shower; you’ll be surprised at how energised you feel.


I’ve made the decision to open up about my health and fitness routine so that people can see that it’s not as expensive to maintain good health as many people have been led to believe.

In fact, discipline is the most crucial element in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

In a similar vein, it’s crucial to create a gratifying routine that one will maintain with unflinching constancy.

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Moreover, developing behaviors that promote long-term health and fitness is not just gratifying but also satisfying.

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