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CBD Gummies: A Remedy I Discovered Just When I Was About to Give Up


Editor’s note: Flora Kwesi tells the story of how her life improved after she stumbled on CBD gummies by accident.

I had been sick for over a decade, and nothing seemed to be improving.

As expected, I visited many hospitals in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with me, but I never really got far.

I would feel exhausted when I woke up, and this would continue all day. On most days, I hardly get out of bed.

The fatigue resulted in gloomy thoughts that invaded my head and nearly brought me down.

I felt as though life itself was a burden because of this feeling.

In an attempt to diagnose me, doctors had sent me to several hospitals and ordered a number of tests.

They had searched for malignancies, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and insulin resistance.

Physical and mental toll

All of these tests turned out to be negative. At one point, I thought I had been bewitched.

The physical and mental toll my condition exerted on me was so huge that I thought my end was imminent.

What’s more, I suffered more as an introvert, as I wouldn’t easily open up. I became so moody and erratic that most of my friends ran away from me.

I started having insomnia and was only able to get three hours of sleep per night. 

My husband left me when he realised my illness was not getting better. This made me feel even more hopeless.

However, as they say, help arrives at the last minute.

It was during this difficult period that I learned about the benefits of CBD.


A photo collage of CBD gummies and CBD oil. Photo/courtesy

I reasoned that since I had tried everything else, I ought to try the health products.

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I looked for a CBD store with positive reviews online. Before making my choice, I looked at Trust Pilot as well.

I also asked my doctor, who approved of my trial of the products after we talked about their potential advantages and drawbacks.

CBD Gummies

To start, I purchased CBD gummies and different brands of CBD oil. It was a significant shift.

I’d fall asleep one hour after consuming the CBD gummies. I’d have a restful night’s sleep, something I had all but forgotten amid my suffering.

In the same vein, my appetite quickly improved, and I was able to eat three meals a day.

Did I say I enjoy running? So I was pleasantly surprised that I could complete my three-mile run effortlessly.

I felt completely healthy and back in shape after two months.

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I was astounded by my good fortune and how rapidly consuming CBD gummies had enabled me to reclaim my life.

I’ll keep taking the CBD products as I look into other things that might boost my quality of life.

 In summary

The benefits of CBD for mental health are being more and more supported by scientific studies.

When thinking about using CBD, it is essential to consult a specialist for medical advice.

Take a look at CBD’s benefits and get started on the path to a better, brighter future.

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