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Meet 5 Nigerian Sisters Who Are All Doctors


-I’m sure by now you have heard about 5 Nigerian sisters who are all doctors

-The Aliu sisters from Northern Nigeria are all doctors with different specialisations

Some five decades ago, it was not easy to come by women who had ventured into presumably male-dominated careers and excelled.

And when that happened, the stories were few and far between.

However, things have changed a great deal, and we currently have women dominating law, engineering, medicine, and other disciplines previously considered male-dominated.

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The Aliu sisters offer the best example of how women can excel and even leave a mark in careers considered male-dominated.

5 Nigerian sisters who are all doctors

The story of the 5 Nigerian sisters who are all doctors has been shared on different platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn.

The five sisters, each boasting a different specialty in medicine, have been hailed by different professionals.

Among the five women are Salamat Aliu, who is also West Africa’s first female neurosurgeon.

Alima Aliu is a platic surgeon. Also, there is a gynaecologist and obstetrician, Raliat Aliu, and a family physician, Khadijah Aliu. Finally, there is public health physician Medinah Aliu.

The sisters hail from Okene, Kogi State.

The story recently shared on LinkedIn awed readers, with many hailing sisters for breaking the glass ceiling.

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Here are some of the reactions:

Samuel Amponsah: Wow, everything about their parents (genes, habits, training parenting skills, and all) must be studied and passed on. Congratulations to you all, and kudos to your awesome parents, especially your mom.

Cathrine Israel: “Totally impressive. I thought my two nieces in this high echelon were impressive. They still are, though.”

We all need our children to aspire for the learned professions.
Well done, girls! There is a Carry On film when a group of doctors are gathered together and greet each other with, “Doctor, Doctor, and Doctor on and on. I am sure this is what happens with these sisters.

Ahammadu Dako: My maternal family is the Aliu family in Okpella, a walking distance from Okene. I am electing five male members of my family to take the walk and bring them home. There is no need for name change formalities. Saves costs too.

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