5 Surprising Reasons Why Kenyan Women Fall for Nigerian Men

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The fact that Kenyan women love foreign men, and especially Nigerian men, is not a secret. In fact, I know of a girl who hooked up with a supposed Nigerian man only to later learn he was an ‘Odhis’ from Kendu Bay. He he!

There are many reasons why Kenyan women are drawn to Nigerian men. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The hype

Someone said that women fall in love with what they hear. Nothing could be truer. You see, there’s been so much hype about Nigerians—how they’re big spenders and how they know to treat their women.

They are also hailed for being loaded down there. Yes, apart from money, this is the other factor that can make a Kenyan woman refer to you as romantic.

While indeed some Nigerian men can be quite romantic and spend huge amounts on the women they love, an average Nigerian man is not any different from men in Kenya and East Africa.

2. Surprises and gifts

I’m sure you have watched those movies where a Nigerian man surprises his wife with a brand new Landcruiser V8.

He goes ahead to shower her with money as he smiles. This is the kind of life most Kenyan women love in this social media age.

3. The promise of getting married

The idea that she would get married and go to Lagos, a city whose GDP equals Kenya’s, is something that fascinates a Shiru or Achieng.

Imagine the thought of witnessing first-hand what she read in Things Fall Apart or watched in a Nollywood movie. Isn’t that fascinating enough?

One thing with Nigerian men is that they are purveyors of’marriage’ shenanigans even during the one-night stand.

4. Sponsor mentality

High-flying Kenyan socialites have managed to sell the hype that a Naija man is the ultimate catch.

It is therefore no wonder that many local girls shoot videos to market themselves to Nigerian men.

It is worth noting that most of these girls are not the kind that have a career but the type that wants to excel without breaking a sweat.

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5. Craving for attention

Some of the Nigerian men are some of the biggest ‘simps’ in Africa, if not the world. This means they go to great lengths to accompany their women to salons.

They also constantly ‘babe’ them and pamper them with words of affirmation and love. Women love soap operas, and the thought of living the life they watch on the silver screen stirs them up.

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