MP Oscar Sudi’s Daughter Wears ‘Kalenjin Village Girl’ Shoes During Master’s Degree Party


Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi’s daughter thrilled netizens with her ‘Kalenjin village girl’ shoes during her master’s degree party.

Kenyans from diverse ethnic groups have a distinct form of dressing. This is for instance the reason you can easily identify a Kikuyu man from afar.

Yes, we all know 99% of Kikuyu men have those shirts with square patterns on them. In the same vein, they’d don Safari boots and tough denim pants to complete the look.

On the same scale, it is easy to pick a Luo girl from the crowd owing to her bold style, which includes big earrings.

The list goes on and on.

However, recently, MP Sudi’s daughter, Faith Chemutai, surprised many when she donned a type of high heel loved by many Kalenjin village girls.

One would wonder, Why is this a surprise?

Well, Chemutai’s dad is not only a billionaire MP but also a confidant of President William Ruto.

Yet there she was, looking resplendent in a simple dress and high heels.

What’s more, Faith Chemutai has graduated with a Master’s Degree in Finance Management from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom.


Faith Chemutai wore Kalenjin Village Girl shoes. Photo/Facebook

The shoes elicited a mixed reaction from netizens, with some saying Chemutai had confirmed that she was a Kalenjin girl.

“Kuna dem mkale hana hizi viatu kweli? The Kalenjin village girl shoes ”posed one of the netizens.

Another one observed: “The shoes say it all about her humble demeanour despite her father’s opulence.”

“When you leave the village, the village lives in you,” another one remarked.

Another netizen added: “Good mannered and respectful girl. She has made her father proud.”

Sudi also gives a glimpse of the traditional upbringing in which he insists on his children being respectful.

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Faith Jemutai and her father MP Oscar Sudi. Photo/Facebook

House gift

In other news, Sudi disclosed that he had gifted her daughter a house and a car for being respectful.

“When she told me she wanted to go to London to study, and I agreed with her, I promised to do my part to pay for her fees, but one thing I wanted from her was respect. She did her degree before she did her Master’s immediately.

She has also gotten a job in London. I told her I had her gift. I told her, as my firstborn, that if she did what I wanted, I would keep the end of my bargain. You have worked hard. You have your degree and a job. I have your gift, as I told you. I will give you the key to your house,” Sudi said.

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