Why Pastor Kanyari Wants You to Avoid Buying ‘Cheap’ Cars like Probox


-Pastor Kanyari has advised his congregants to steer clear of ‘cheap’ cars such as Probox

-He termed the cars as death traps and instead extolled big SUVs with V8 engines, which he said were safer

Victor Kanyari, the Salvation Healing Ministry senior pastor, has advised members of his congregation to avoid cheap cars.

Kanyari, who rose to fame after being exposed for faking miracles, said vehicles such as Toyota proboxes were death traps.

The preacher said such cheap cars ranked poorly in safety standards, something he said led to deaths in accidents.

“It’s rare to hear of a wealthy person dying at a young age; it’s very rare, about one out of 10.”

The disgraced preacher went on to say safe vehicles like SUVs powered by big V8 engines rarely lead to fatal accidents, unlike “cheaper options like Proboxes and motorbikes.”

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He went on to extol the supposed safety features of expensive vehicles, like airbags, which he said significantly reduced death chances during accidents.

“In the event you lose control and the vehicle crashes, there are many airbags to ensure your safety, even without salvation and prayers… One will catch you here, and another will protect you there. You find yourself well protected, as if you’ve not just had an accident.”

“Try the same inside a Probox, and you’ll be cut like meat.”

Kanyari described in graphic details how accidents involving Proboxes had occupants maimed in the worst way.

“You not only get an accident, but those left behind have to still look for your scattered body parts,” he said in the viral video.

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Kanyari rose to national infamy after a 2014 expose that showed how the controversial preacher faked miracles.

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