Digital Detox: Yoghurt Company to Pay KSh 1.65 Million for Participants Willing to Ditch Phone for a Month


-A yoghurt company will pay $10,000 (about KSh 1.6 million) to participants who complete a one-month “digital detox.”

-The participants’ phones will be locked in a box

It is no secret that most people spend several hours on their phones on a daily basis.

Our smartphones have literally become the palmtop computers on which we follow news, play games, and even conduct transactions.

Now a yoghurt company is offering to pay up to KSh 1.6 million to contestants who’ll manage to go on a monthlong programme.

Under the programme, the participants will be expected to forfeit their phone, which will be locked in a box.

Siggi’s Dairy said its Digital Detox Programme will pay $10,000 to participants willing to forfeit their phones for a month.

Other goodies include a smartphone lockbox and a good old-fashioned flip phone. Other goodies include; a 1-month pre-paid smart phone, and a 3-month’ supply of yoghurt.

The initiative, which drew inspiration from “Dry January,” is accepting applications through January 31.

Ten participants will be selected for the digital detox, and they will be required to store their devices in a lockbox supplied by Siggi’s for a full month.

“We believe in the power of living a simpler life with fewer distractions. One of the biggest distractions in our lives today is our phone. In fact, the average person spends 5.4 hours on their phones each day,”the company says on its website.

During a digital detox, an individual chooses not to use digital gadgets, including computers, smartphones, and social media.

This type of detoxification has grown in popularity, with people spending more time on digital devices and the Internet.

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Sharper focus, decreased stress, and improved social connections are a few of the purported advantages of going through a digital detox.

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