Doctors Discover Live Fly Inside Man’s Intestines During Colonoscopy


-Doctors at Mussouri in the US found a totally intact fly inside the patient’s intestines during a colonoscopy

-The incident has left medical professionals in Missouri puzzled

Doctors were left in complete disbelief after they discovered a totally intact fly inside the intestines of a patient.

When the Missouri man had a colonoscopy, doctors discovered the insect in his transverse colon, located at the top of the large intestine.

It is unclear how the fly got in there, but experts speculate that the man may have eaten a vegetable that contained it.

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The patient said he was painless and did not feel any symptoms. He did not have a clear explanation as to how the fly was in his body.

He, however, admitted to his physician that he had only consumed clear liquids the day before.

“This case represents a very rare colonoscopic finding,” doctors said in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

“It is a mystery how the intact fly found its way to the transverse colon.”

Usually, stomach acid is sufficient to kill flies.

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In one of the most peculiar incidents this year, medical professionals extracted a live, wiggling worm from a woman’s brain.

The case came to light in August after medical professionals in New South Wales, Australia, examined a 54-year-old woman’s symptoms, which included diarrhoea, night sweats, stomach pain, and a cough.

Doctors expected to find malignancy or an abscess of some kind.

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The woman is believed to have consumed leaves contaminated with carpet python faeces containing the parasite.

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