Zachary Mwaura: Nairobi’s Geometric Barber Goes Viral on TikTok


-Zachariah Mwaura, also known as the geometric barber, cuts hair using geometric instruments

-His unique style has made him extremely popular, as he laughs his way to the bank

Zachariah Mwaura’s TikTok videos of him shaving his clients with ‘mathematical precision’ have gone viral on social media.

Mwaura, better known as the geometric barber, has wowed his fans with the measurements and the resulting haircuts.

Mwaura’s childhood ambition was to study engineering.

“I loved math, and I excelled in the subject with ease. My dream was to become an engineer.”

“Looking back, I really wanted to work in a field that required a lot of math and calculations,” he states.

In one of his videos, Mwaura takes measurements on the head of a client.


Zachariah Mwaura aka the Geometric Barber takes the measurements before cutting client’s hair. Photo/courtesy

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He follows the markings, and the end result is a precise haircut.

“I wanted to criticise, but the end results are so perfect that I have to hold my peace,” jokes one of his admirers.

Mwaura claims that he uses geometry in his work because he dislikes guessing.

He says: “I dislike guesswork, and I adore perfection.

“I use geometry for this reason to guarantee accuracy.”

Mwaura thinks his hairstyles are perfect, similar to what “engineering aims to accomplish.”

He began shaving in 2011 after he completed his primary education.

He would continue plying his trade through high school during the weekends.

“I really wanted to go to college and study engineering, but for some reason, I was not successful. But I’m content and happy with my life, and I have no regrets,” Mwaura recently said on NTV.

International clients

The barber charges KSh 1,000 for a standard haircut and KSh 1,500 for a geometric cut at his barbershop in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

For people who want to cover up their bald areas, the cost can reach KSh 3,500.

He claims that he serves ten clients on an average day. There are other geometric barbers in his shop who also strive to serve as many customers as they can.

Mwaura’s videos have gone viral and, in the wake, catapulted him to international fame. He has, as a result, toured South Africa, Tanzania, and Nigeria to attend to eager clients.

He says he has two trusted managers who take charge when he is not around.

Social media

At the moment, Mwaura employs more than ten people, all of whom he has trained.

He credits social media for his rapid expansion.

“I did not like social media. However, one person came to me and convinced me to start posting videos online. That did it. Since then, I’ve had to shift premises three times to accommodate the growing clientele,” he says.

The geometric barber recommends prospective clients make reservations two days in advance.


The father of two says he wants to leave a lasting impact even after he retires from the game.

Mwaura dresses like an engineer, complete with a helmet and overalls.

In addition, he has measuring instruments for geometry, such as a protractor, a pair of dividers, and a ruler.

“There are cases of well-educated people getting depressed because of joblessness. Those are the kinds of people I want to reach out to and encourage. I want to spur educated young people to spot opportunities,” he said.

The geometric barber aspires to establish a talent academy in the future where young people can exchange ground-breaking business ideas and skills.


Sometimes clients request the Geometric Barber to be served from the comfort of their homes. Photo/screenshot


The barber claims that jealous and pessimistic individuals have been attacking him whenever he posts videos.

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He adds that recently, profits have decreased significantly due to the increased cost of electricity.

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