KDF Twins Who Scored Same KCPE, KCSE Marks Wed on Same Day


KDF twins Jacob Mulongo and Benjamin Mukhwana were ecstatic to have married their sweethearts on the same day

-The twin brothers share a lot in common, such as attending the same schools and getting the same grades

-Photos of their unique wedding attracted wows from netizens

Just how much can twin brothers have in common?

Well, a lot. This is if you consider the story of Jacob Mulongo and Benjamin Mukhwana, who married on the same day.

It was another time the two demonstrated that their destinies were joined at the hip.

The 32-year-old twins married their lovers in a colourful wedding that is the talk of the internet.


KDF twins wedding. Source: Facebook

Astonishing similarities

Mulongo and Mukhwana got the exact same grade in both KCPE and KCSE, joined the same Kibabii University, and ended up in the military together.

When they sat for their KCPE, Mukhwana was index 7, while Mulongo was index 9.

They would get the same marks in KCPE and get admitted to the same high school.

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Later, they proceeded to the same university, where they studied the same course, teaching.

Similarly, they all played handball and were together in Sweden, playing for the under-18 team.

They would later join the military on the same date and end up in the same branch, the Kenya Army.

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The two donned the Kenya Army ceremonial outfit, the Red Tunic for their wedding.

“This reminds me that perhaps we are just one person because some of the things we don’t plan together. We just find ourselves thinking and doing similar things,” Benjamin said.

Luhya culture

In Luhya culture, the first twin to come out was named Mukhwana, who was followed by Mulongo.

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