Marriage in Kenya: Men Hilariously Discuss Triumphs and Tribulations


It seems there are two sides to marriage in Kenya: the dark side and the bright side.

Those on the dark side of a union normally wish to leave.

The other lot is the couple enjoying a good marriage that indeed provides anchor and support.

Recently, an X user known as MetroBroomin posted a message on the platform asking his followers to vent.

“Married men on my timeline, how are you holding up, unaskia nikama umefika mwisho ama bado? (Do you feel like your patience is running out?) This is a safe space, as usual.”

The aftermath of the post is that married men opened up about the state of their marriages.

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Some of the messages were astonishingly funny, even when clearly their author had not intended them to be so.
Here are some of the disclosures about marriage in Kenya:

Frank Denzo: I am seriously considering quitting this marriage of 13 years. I have two kids, and at this point I will support them, but their mother is disrespectful to me. Am tired. 2 weeks without talking with her.

Dante_WordMaster: “Every Saturday kuna diary huwa inatolewa,nikichelewa kiasi hivi na nikuwe nanuka pombe nasomewa mashtaka na ina-recordiwa na kuekwa muhuri kama kortini alafu sunday nahukumiwa,funny thing ni ati hio kitabu ndio huwa inaandikwa bible verses za “prayerful womenz”

N9NE_6: In 2020, I left my wife because I had reached my breaking point. By then, we were living in South B. Long story short, she sent her brothers to look for me; they found me and took me back to her. She did things to me. I’ve never thought of leaving since then.

JeysonWill: “I have zero feelings for my wife. I don’t feel her anymore. I’ve reached a point where I won’t shed a tear, even if she dies today. Someone I once loved and had a church wedding with. My kids keep me going, though.”

@Jrhonalds: The more I wake up every day, the more I understand why my grandfather asked us to build him a separate house. He decided to stay alone. Uyo mzee alinunuliwa a solex padlock and didn’t give anyone a spare key until he died.

@owen_mumelo: “One thing about marriage: go in with the mindset of only coming out when one of you dies. If your partner is understanding, the ups and downs will not last long. When there is a problem, it’s both of you against the problem, not against each other. Tukaze mwendo mpaka extra time.”

Murray: I’ve been married for 7 years, and every day I’m at work, I can’t wait to get home to my wife and daughter.

Wachira: “Being married to my wife has got to be one of my life’s biggest achievements. She unknowingly healed my inner child and makes me feel safe every day. I pray God grants everyone righteous spouses and genuine love because I think it makes the world kinder.”

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Tencarlos: Very rough bana, the love I had for my wife was very strong. We moved in together, and when it comes to solving small problems, she always shows me her bad attitude. She never apologises when she is wrong. That’s when I sat and addressed myself, and I started withdrawing my love for her.

@mvictorz: “Marriage is beautiful. Put God first in everything, and He will direct your steps. Learn to build trust with your partner, and everything else will work out for the best.”

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