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10 Most Outstanding Kenyans 2023

Editor’s note: Jesse Mwangi from Mombasa discusses his list of the 10 most outstanding Kenyans 2023.

As 2023 draws to a close, a few Kenyans stand out for their steadfast efforts to improve Kenya.

Here is his list:

1. William Ruto

President William Ruto was elected into power under very challenging circumstances. Additionally, the president inherited a nation severely indebted and grossly mismanaged by his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta.

William Ruto could go down as Kenya’s greatest president if he manages to curb corruption in the public sector and civil service.

Firstly, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) reforms will significantly improve the lives of common Kenyans.

Additionally, the President has promised to move forward with the affordable housing project, the implementation challenge notwithstanding.

Also, the Hustler Fund was established by the Kwanza government in Kenya and has proven successful thus far.

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However, President Ruto needs to show that he is different from his predecessors by ensuring that public funds are not stolen.


President Ruto tops the list of the 10 most outstanding Kenyans 2023. Source: File

2. Riggy G

Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, epitomises practicality beyond description.

Farmers in Mount Kenya and other parts of the nation stand to greatly benefit from the deputy president’s initiatives.

Farmers that deal in milk, avocados, and coffee have already noticed an improvement in prices.

In actuality, previous Kenyan presidents have either joined the cartels that prey on farmers or haven’t been brave enough to break them.

Additionally, Riggy G has demonstrated a sincere desire to address the nation’s alcohol and drug problems.

We wish the “Truthful Men” well as he effectively combats these evils that previous leaders permitted to flourish so they may profit from them.


Deputy President Riggy G. Photo/file

3. Bishop David Oginde

Bishop David Oginde is perhaps the first Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) Chairperson to genuinely demonstrate interest in combating corruption.

Although the former CITAM Bishop isn’t in the news all the time, his performance has greatly exceeded expectations thus far.

EACC has so far been able to retrieve assets and cash totaling billions of shillings.

The most recent instance involved the recovery of KSh 47 million that had been stolen from the Homa Bay County Assembly between 2015 and 2017.

Additionally, the EACC has recovered portions of national public land valued at billions of shillings.

A UoN-trained architect, Bishop Oginde, is outperforming his predecessors under extremely challenging circumstances.

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I won’t be shocked if Bishop Oginde is elevated to an even higher position in a future government to better serve Kenya.

Bishop Oginde and the EACC need our support as he leads the fight against corruption.

most-outstanding Kenyans-2023

Bishop Oginde is among the most outstanding Kenyans 2023. Photo/courtesy

4. Gen Francis Ogolla

As a nation, we have a lot to learn from Gen Ogolla. It goes without saying that Gen Ogolla has shown us what true humility looks like.

It means to acknowledge one’s mistakes and make a sincere effort to do the right thing.

Additionally, there are videos of CDF Gen Ogolla going viral that have people all around the nation applauding his leadership.

Many people have come forward to tell how Gen Ogolla changed their lives or motivated them to join the KDF.

Ogolla serves as an example to Kenyans and other Africans that it is not necessary to put one another down in order to achieve our objectives.

I hope he succeeds in filling the enormous shoes that his predecessor, Gen Robert Kibochi, left behind.


Gen Francis Ogolla. Photo/courtesy

5. Kithure Kindiki

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has shown that public servants must work hard on the docket that falls under their watch.

Without a doubt, CS Kindiki is a guy on a mission to address the state of insecurity in regions of the nation that are vulnerable to banditry.

According to several surveys, the Interior CS is the hardest-working among the cabinet secretaries. Likewise, the CS is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of our law enforcement personnel.


Kindiki Kithure. Photo/file

6. Miguna Miguna

Jonyando is arguably the most vocal Kenyan at the moment. Miguna has one quality: he will never waver from his principles in an effort to win over the ruling class.

Even though he has acknowledged in the open that he supported Ruto, he has persisted in criticising the government whenever he feels it is failing or headed in the wrong direction.

Miguna Miguna is a fierce opponent of corruption and has led the charge in pressuring the Ruto administration to take action against embezzlers.


Miguna Miguna. Photo/File

7. Faith Kipyegon

Three-time world record holder Faith Kipyegon is on track to become one of the greatest female athletes of all time.

Kipyegon is a master in the 1,500-metre category. What’s more, she set an unprecedented 2023 season by breaking three world records within months.

In the 1,500-metre category, Kipyegon broke the previous record on June 2, 2023, when he ran 3:49:11 in the Florence Diamond League.

A week later, in the Diamond League event in Paris, France, she set a new world record in the 5,000 metres with a time of 14:05:20.

Kipyegon broke the mile world record on July 21, 2023, at the Monaco Diamond League competition with a time of 4:07:64.

President William Ruto honoured Faith Kipyegon with the status of Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya (E.G.H.) on Jamhuri Day.


Photo: courtesy

8. Prof Mwaura

Professor Eric Mwaura has made teaching math and sciences the sole focus of his TikTok channel.

The relatively young professor has gained admirers from Kenya and beyond with the way he explains scientific concepts.

The Kenya Kwanza government has to make an effort to honour and acknowledge science bloggers such as Prof Mwaura.

In fact, scientists are far more needed in Kenya and throughout Africa than, say, comedians.

The government must promote the study of mathematics and science at all levels.


Prof Eric Mwaura. Photo/screenshot

9. Julius Kamau

Julius Kamau, a rights advocate, has been vocal about holding those in power accountable. He was detained while demonstrating against the extreme poverty and exorbitant cost of living in the nation outside Parliament.

He shouted and bemoaned his suffering just before one of his arrests, holding aloft a cardboard sign that read, “Poverty is Modern-Day Slavery.”

Kamau is aware that freedom comes with a constant state of watchfulness, so we should assist him in his efforts to hold the government responsible.


Rights advocate Julius Kamau. Photo/courtesy

10. Bowen

Bowen is a student at Techlit Africa, an NGO that teaches digital literacy to kids in remote elementary schools.

Nelly Cheboi, a techpreneur feted as CNN’s Hero of the Year in 2022, owns and runs Techlit Africa.

For his work on TikTok, Bowen received recognition for his ability to teach and deconstruct code in Swahili.

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His influence is so great that his videos have received anything from 100,000 to 500,000 views.


Bowen. Photo/courtesy

Cheboi has branded Bowen as a genius who has a bright future in the tech industry.

Who do you think is missing in this list of of the 10 most outstanding Kenyans 2023?

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the position of We welcome writers to give their views on various social  issues. Send your opinion to [email protected].

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