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M274: Mercedes-Benz Engine Prone to Catching Fire


Editor’s note: Tony Yapo, a car enthusiast, discusses claims that the Mercedes-Benz M274 engine’s proneness to catching fire.

There have been several cases of Mercedes-Benz vehicles stalling on highways and even catching fire.

In Kenya, there have been cases of the Mercedes-Benz brands catching fire along Thika Road as well as on Valley Road.

In all the above cases, the owners were surprised upon noticing fire coming from the engine.

The large number of incidents have a pattern, and that’s what has driven car enthusiasts and experts to investigate.

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The investigation has led to allegations that a certain type of Mercedes-Benz engine is prone to problems, including catching fire.

The engine in question is the famous Mercedes-Benz M274 engine.

Some of the Mercedes-Benz models that use this engine include the C-class, E-class, and GLC.

In 2022, a complaint was filed against Mercedes in a New Jersey federal court.

The complaint says that engine pistons in certain 2015–2016 models equipped with M274 turbocharged 4-cylinder engines are prone to cracking and breaking, resulting in engine failure.

The class action lawsuit was on behalf of plaintiffs from around the country who say they have experienced the problem.

The main complainant in the case, who owns a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300, claims she started noticing her vehicle was losing power and making strange noises.

She said she took the car to an authorised dealer, and she was told that the engine needed replacement.

There has also been a complaint from another C300 owner who heard a popping sound from the engine while driving at 110 km/h.

He said his car began shaking violently, causing him to panic.

Other allegations against the M274 engine include excessive oil consumption. This problem reportedly causes knocking noise, power loss, and engine failure.


In a similar vein, the lawsuit alleges that the engine may suffer from timing chain failure, turbocharger failure, and cylinder head cracking. These alleged defects can lead to costly repairs.

Catching fire

Vehicles with the M274 engine are prone to catching fire due to balance shaft failure.

Mercedes-Benz has yet to release a statement addressing these allegations.

Some of the common causes of vehicles catching fire include the following:.

1. Poor maintenance

2. Impact of a car crash

3. Electrical problems

4. Leaking fluids

5. Leaky fuel system

6. Overheated engine

7. Design flaws

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Drivers should seek a safe spot to park right away, immediately after they smell flames coming from their cars while driving.

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