Embarambamba: How the Controversial Singer Got his Name


-Do you know the origin of the name Embarambamba?

-The controversial singer gained fame for his antics of rolling on the mud

-He has also recorded songs with very contentious titles, such as Nataka Nikuingize

Embarambamba (real name: Chris Mosioma) is best known for controversial antics, including rolling in muddy puddles.

Nataka Nikuingize, one of his latest songs, generated conflicting opinions, with many believing that the singer had gone too far.

The music video has Embarambamba standing in a woodland, partially nude, with just a white towel fastened around his waist.

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He is not alone; a woman identified as Lydia Ndude is likewise dressed in nothing but a white towel.

Embarambamba begins to sing “Nataka Nikuingize,” which has a lewd meaning even if one were to translate the lyrics casually.

As the song continues, Embarambamba makes it clear that his goal is to draw people to Jesus.

Many of Embarambaba’s fans have criticised him, claiming that the vulgar language he uses in his songs is unbecoming of a gospel musician.

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Chris Mosioma aka Embarambamba. Photo/courtesy

In another popular video, the artiste rolls in a stream in rapid movements.

“I was confusing me, I myself. Saitan tuki mi to the darkness. Jesus found me, I’m baki..what?,” he says in the song.

Embarambamba, a native of Keroka in Kisii County, claims that his antics have afforded him the opportunity to fend for his family.

“For music, if you don’t have something unique, it will not sell. There’s a meaning to everything I do. When I roll in the mud and tear my clothes, it means I’m tearing my earthly clothes that carry my weaknesses and putting on the robe of Jehovah,” said Embarambamba in a recent interview with the Nation.

How did Embarambamba get his name?

The gospel singer earned his onomatopoeic name while working as a drummer for Kisii artiste Mr. Ongengo.

The singer disclosed in an interview with comedian Jalang’o that the source of his stage name was his skill with a drum kit and the resulting sound, “mbrambamba.”

He says he infuses his comedy with music to attract more followers.

“Some have alluded to the fact that I have joined the LGBTQ+ community with my latest antics. No, I haven’t. This is just comedy and music, and that is my style.”

He added, “Wearing dresses is not a bad thing. That is my way of selling my content. We are in a digital age, and we have to be creative to sell out there.”

He underlined the fact his way of worshipping God was different.

Embarambamba wife 

The musician is a married father of five children.

Embarambamba has in the past disclosed his wife used to be a traditional singer but gave it up to focus on being a mother.


Embarambamba and his wife. Photo/courtesy

Embarambamba musical career

The singer began her musical career in 1994 as a backup vocalist for Mr Ongengo.

Mr Ongengo in 2007 sponsored Embarambamba’s debut single, Ensanako Tebwati Masikani.

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The musician previously disclosed that he would slip out of school to perform at the late president Daniel Moi’s functions in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

 He claimed Moi predicted he would soar higher musically when he danced before him in 1997.

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