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62-Year-Old Woman Recalls Thrill of Giving Birth to 3 Kids In Her 40s


An American woman wowed netizens after narrating the adventure of giving birth to three babies in her 40s.

Rosemary Laberee said she gave birth to her second child when she was turning 40, the third born at 42 and the fourth born at 46.

Laberee said she got engrossed in raising her kids in her 50s and barely noticed time passing.

“I barely noticed turning 40. That year I gave birth to my second child. At 42, I gave birth to my 3rd. At 46, I gave birth to my 4th said Laberee in a post on Quora.

She further explained the years in her 40s and 50s got busy as she focused and worked harder to raise the kids.

“At 50 I was raising kids aged 13, 10, 7 and 4. So, I barely noticed turning 50. I don’t feel like there was any difference at all between the 40s and the 50s. I was working harder in those decades than I had in my 20s and 30s,” she added.

Now in her 60s, Laberee intimated that the burden of bringing up the children has since dissipated allowing her to focus on her goals.

“I am now in my 60′s. Now I actually do notice a difference. I am different. More clear-headed, more determined and more focused on goals. Fitter. Happier.

I have discovered that I can learn new things. I started a new career at 62. And I like it!” she said.

Laberee, now free after giving birth in her 40s, further explained she prioritizes her gym time and never allows her kids younger kids to derail her plans.

“I do not allow others to cause my day or my plans to go sideways. My time at the gym each day takes priority. I don’t cancel this. When my young adult kids or when younger friends invite me out for dinner at 8:30 pm?”

“That’s easy — no way. It’s too late and I’ll be too tired to enjoy it. And I don’t make apologies. That is something new and different. I never feel compelled to explain my decisions,” she said.


Rosemary Laberee, 62, and her husband. Photo/Quora

She added she avoids meaningless conversations and watching mindless programs on TV.

She added that spending time with the right people and having sufficient rest time has served to improve her quality of life.

“I’d much rather read my books, cook a wholesome meal, lift weights, write, take a walk with my husband, or have coffee with a friend.”

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“I protect my sleep fiercely now. I do not accept situations that would force me to sacrifice needed sleep. Solid, sufficient sleep keeps me stronger of mind and body than most people my age.”

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