Trisha Khalid: I’m a Very Polite person in Real Life


-Actress Trisha Khalid talked candidly about portraying the mean character on the Becky show

-According to Trisha, she is not at all mean, unlike what the show portrays

Becky actress Trisha Khalid has spoken up about receiving hateful messages from the show’s fans.

Speaking on Citizen TV, the voluptuous actress claimed that her on-screen persona was very different from who she is in real life.

She said that, in contrast to what some people would think, she and Becky, the main character, were close friends who supported one another on set.

“I never imagined that Becky and I would become close when we initially met.

Trisha remarked, “Becky is a sweet girl who is very understanding.”

“And in the tough scenes, like the one where I’m meant to slap her, normally, I would hug Becky after giving her a slap.

“The Trisha portrayed on the show is not the same as the real me at all.”


Becky actress Trisha Khalid. Photo/courtesy

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She acknowledged that it was challenging to play the cruel character because, in real life, she is kind and gentle.

“Being required to project emotions that I wouldn’t in real life makes it difficult for me to perform the role that I play.”

Negative comments

She also observed that the number of critical remarks on her social media profiles has increased due to her character on the show.

“While it’s true that not everyone will enjoy your online persona, the hate I’ve received has intensified since I appeared on Becky,” she said.

“Some people get too offended because they can’t tell the difference between my real-life and show character.”

“The fans of the show once refused to greet me when we were filming a scene with Becky. They even asked her why she was walking with me. They said hello to Becky, but not to me. My heart sank.”

She, however, expresses gratitude to the show’s director, whom she claims has inspired her by assuring her that receiving that kind of criticism indicates she is performing her part to perfection.

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