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Uganda: Man Marries 7 Wives on Same Day

uganda-man-marries seven-wives

Recently, a 43-year-old medicine man from Namasengere village in Mukono District, Uganda, made headlines after spending a week meeting the parents of his seven prospective wives.

Habib Nsiko Nnsene would go even farther by getting married to his seven fiancées on the same day after lavish traditional Muslim weddings (Nikkah) hosted at each bride’s residence. Two of the brides are blood sisters.

Nsiko Nnsene proceeded to host all seven of his wives and their friends and relatives at a magnificent reception ceremony conducted at his home before moving in with all of his spouses. Villagers regard Nsiko Nnsene as a rich man.

According to locals who claim that Nsiko Nnsene’s business brings in a lot of money, his wedding caravan reportedly included over 40 cars and 30 motorcycles.

Among the gifts he donated to each of his wives were a brand new motorcycle, a sofa set, KSh 200,000 in cash (Amahale), plus other gifts.

“But for the parents of the two of my wives, who are sisters, I donated two brand new motorcycles because they gave me two wives,” he said.

Nsiko Nnsene

Nsiko Nnsene ties knot with seven wives. Photo: Courtesy









Nsikonnene has gained a cult following among the locals after making his small community famous.

“This man with rare qualities (Nsiko Nnsene) settled in this village about four years ago. He came and bought land here and introduced himself to me as a traditional healer. We allowed him to practice his trade,” Emmanuel Owere, the Namasengere Village chairperson, is quoted as saying by The Monitor.

“When he settled here, little did we know that he would bring us fame. Our village name is now well-known.”

The village chair now wants to name a road in the area after Nsikonnene.

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“He is a rare man because, given his status in society, he has been mingling with everyone. He is a hard worker, and locals should emulate him,” said Owere.

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