5 Countries with Most Beautiful Women in Africa


Wilberforce Mukhwana, a self-declared globe-trotter, writes about what he regards as 5 countries with the most beautiful women in Africa.

The debate about the African country with the most beautiful women has been with us for some time now.

Some say Ethiopia has the most beautiful women on the continent. Some say South Africa, and some even claim Eritrea.

But today, I would like to discuss and possibly put this matter to rest.

Well, you may ask, what are your qualifications to think you can competently rank women from these countries on matters of beauty?

Well, let me confess here that my only competency is that I have lived in different parts of Africa for some time now.

Therefore, my reasons are inclined towards solid logic as opposed to emotional persuasion.

1. Ethiopian women

Ethiopian women are overqualified for this race, as everyone admits they are the most beautiful on the continent.

And this has nothing to do with their light complexion; it is just their sheer beauty and the way they carry themselves with grace. They also love their culture and are not loud either.

If you have ever boarded the Ethiopian Airlines and came across those air hostesses, then you will understand what I’m taking about.

Suffice to say, Ethiopian women are beautiful, and it comes almost effortlessly to them.

That being said, I have a job to do, as I promised to bring this matter to a logical conclusion.


In that case, let’s compare women from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. We’re doing these four for the simple reason that they are the most well-known countries in Africa.

Nigeria and South Africa are Africa’s economic giants. Kenya has breathtaking infrastructure and is also a leader in technology.

For some reason, someone somewhere has always remembered Ghana for its illustrious democracy and peace.

But which of the four countries has the most beautiful women?

2. South African women

To be fair, South Africa leads in this category. And in my analysis, it leads the other three by a huge margin.

Whether you like the nyash and all, the South African babes have it. The Anathi and Ayandas of South Africa are very beautiful and endowed.

Plus, have you seen those Zulu dances where the girls exhibit power and exuberance? What’s more, the Mzansi girls would never speak a full sentence without incorporating words from Zulu, Isikhosa, and other indigenous languages.


Isn’t that already attractive?

3. Nigerian women

Now that South Africa is at the top of the list, we move on to the second position, which is occupied by Nigeria.

While Nigerian women may trail Kenya and Ghana in the looks department, the truth is they are more real, which makes them rank better.

One thing with Nigerian women is that you’ll rarely come across one trying to imitate a fake foreign accent.

Even after years of staying in the US, you’ll still hear “my sisto” whenever she speaks. What’s more, she could be a Ph.D. holder, but she’ll still prepare fufu and egusi soup for her family.

What’s more, she will walk, talk, and even gossip like a typical Nigerian woman. In other words, she does not seek validation by imitating the mannerisms of white people.

Nigerian women rock for this reason. Their only weakness has been that they have not made themselves available in the East African region.


We all agree that we are backing a united Africa, and one of the ways to expedite this is by enhancing family ties across Africa.

4. Ghanaian women

Ghanaian women are rather chilled. They are also beautiful, with the nyash to match.

I have seen hundreds of my Kenyan friends troop to the Instagram handle of Ama Serwaa Dufie, pleading with her to arrest them. Pwahahaha!

Anyway, Ghanaian women generally fare well, as they try their best to maintain authenticity. While they may not reach Nigerian women’s standards, they don’t pander to foreign accents.


They also love their foods, and they are quite respectful.

5. Kenyan Women

Bringing up the rear is none other than Kenyan women. Let’s first admit that being on the top five list is by itself no small feat.

So congratulations, Kenyan women! And what’s more, Kenyan ladies have a lot of potential, but their major problem is copying mzungu ways and being too westernized.

There is nothing more annoying than the fake American accents of the majority of Kenyan women who have gone beyond class 8.

While it is an open secret that Kenyan women should be in the same league as Ethiopian women, the former have ruined your chances by wearing too much make-up and fake accents.

Apart from fake American and British accents, a typical Kenyan lady forgets Kiswahili and their native language as soon as they acquire some status and money.


I’m not sure if it is an inferiority complex that makes them believe everything from Western culture is superior.

Now, the problem I have with these shenanigans is that there will come a time when local languages such as Kikuyu, Dholuo, Kamba, Luhya and Taita, just to mention a few, will die.

And that catastrophe will be for the simple reason that modern Kenyan women would rather start off their children with English than Swahili or their ethnic languages.

To such women, speaking English is a mark of sophistication and economic status.

It gets more annoying when such women invite you to their homes because you’ll be served with such exotic dishes that you’ll think you are in Portsmouth or Kentucky.

If you get into a conversation with them, they’ll then go ahead and regurgitate elite jokes from Reader’s Digest without taking into consideration that such jokes are, in most cases, intended for native English speakers.

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Even with her unrivalled beauty, education, ‘refinement’ and all, you instantly get put off as you wish they’d utter more relatable stuff like Chinua Achebe’s saying, “As long as the bed shakes regularly, the home is at peace.”

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