This is What Happens When Caught Lying on Your CV


You may have heard of cases of lying on your CV that turned awry.

I’m also sure you have seen those convoluted Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) on LinkedIn of people overstating their skills and competencies.

What’s more, you may have come across those jobs from international NGOs, tech companies, and non-profits with very attractive salaries that got you having ideas to adjust your CV to suit the needed skill set.

Fair enough, they need someone who understands Python programming, and you go ahead and include that skill in the CV.

Therefore, you even go ahead and create a fictitious product that you made in a bid to demonstrate you are on top of the game.

And as luck would have it, you bag yourself an interview.

During the practical bit of the interview, it dawns on your recruiters that your knowledge of computers and programming is scanty,

You start sweating profusely, and at one point you decide to leave the interview prematurely.

Well, when these things happen, they should only serve as a lesson to desist from lying on our resumes.

In a recent thread online, netizens shared hilarious outcomes after lying on their CVs.

Here are some of the funniest revelations as collected by

“I remember my own experience; I lied and said I could speak French, but the truth is I did not understand a word of the language. I was sweating profusely, and I remember the supervisor asking me if he should call an ambulance, and I said yes.”

“The only truth on my resume is my name, birthday, and address; everything else is copy and paste.”

“I lied on my CV years ago about my ability to do quick books.” “I got the job, went for lunch the first day, and never returned.”



Fake graphic designer

“I once lied that I was an experienced graphics designer, when in truth I knew very little about the trade. I could not complete the practical interview on time, and to my relief, the person overseeing the interviews asked me to go finish it at home. I never returned.”

“I once lied that I was a software developer, though my knowledge of computers was limited to simple computer hacks. During the interview, I was asked to find a bug in a piece of code. Puahahaha! I had a hard time to the extent that I confessed to the recruiter that my degree was in physical education.”

Another chimed in:

“In the early 90’s, I lied and said I could drive a manual transmission lorry, when, in actuality, I did not have a DL. I didn’t know I had to test that moment; needless to say, I was fired before I was hired.”

“I remember lying on my resume that I could work under pressure and that I was a problem solver. Little did I know that soft skills would be tried a few months later…Fast forward: I nearly fought physically with my boss when I felt he was putting too much pressure on me.”

Fake pastry chef

“I lied as a pastry chef. During the practical part of the interview, I made something akin to chapati and nowhere near a cake. When my interview supervisor, a proud Luo man, saw what I had made, he sarcastically patted me and then told me to disappear.”

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Have you ever thought of lying on your CV?

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