(Video) Kenyan Woman Says She Wishes She was Born in Nigeria

A Kenyan woman has elicited mixed reactions online after declaring her deep admiration for Nigerians.

The woman who identifies as Cherinah254 on TikTok said in her interactions that she had come to the conclusion that Nigeria was the greatest country in Africa.

She said her conclusion was informed by the fact that Nigerians were unapologetic about their culture and did not try to fit into the culture of their adopted countries, whether in Europe or America.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that Nigeria is the greatest country in Africa, whether we like it or not. These people have great music, great food, and great fashion, and they have mastered the most important thing, which is being themselves,” she said.

She further explained that Nigerians are so confident that it is easy to pick them out of a crowd thanks to their distinct style.

“You can spot a Nigerian from a mile away. They don’t try to copy how other people do their thing. If they live abroad, they do not try to acquire an accent. A Nigerian was born a Nigerian and will die a Nigerian,” said Cherinah254.

She further admitted that, as a Kenyan, it was hard to admit Nigeria’s greatness, but again, she had no intention of covering up the truth.

She further noted that she would not mind if Nigeria ever colonised the rest of Africa to teach the continent how to live confidently.

“Me being African and me being Kenyan, it is hard to admit this, but it is the truth. And I wish that if there was ever another colonization in Africa, I’d wish that Nigeria would colonise the whole of Africa so that everybody can be proud to be African and live so boldly without feeling inferior to anybody.”


Cherinah254. Photo/screengrab

What’s more, she further appealed to Africans going abroad to make friends with Nigerians, as they were well aware of the ins and outs of their host countries.

“So for anybody going abroad, I’ll tell you this: get you some Nigerian friends. These people are brave and knowledgeable. They know the law. They know the ins and outs of countries. And if you go to a country where there are no Nigerians, run away. There’s nothing good there.”

“As for me, if I were to be born again, I’d wish to be a Nigerian. These people are so flamboyant and loud in their lifestyle.

Here are some of the reactions to the post:

One commentator said: “She is right, but that doesn’t make Nigeria the greatest country; rather, they are the greatest people. As a country, their government has failed them.”

Nasirzolo: The problem with Nigeria is that some of the worst scammers in the world come from Nigeria.

Nurse Dina: I am a Ghanaian, but you are saying the truth, sis! They are supportive too; they have really helped me with my growth here.

Anabuike Emeka: “Henceforth, we name you Obianuju Bimpe Badreeyah Onome. Let us know when you want to come back home.”

Oluseyii O: It’s why the U.S. wants to destroy Nigeria’s economy. They know the majority of Africans look up to Nigeria.

Mikel: And honestly, I have never met a shy Nigerian; they are always so brave. I used to have a problem with them, then just realized they were not aggressive.

MVP: No lies detected. No one messes with Nigerians. They are bold and fearless. So confident and sure of themselves. We love it.

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Yesihavera: You are absolutely correct. They are proud and ambitious, and they are hustlers. Hang out with them; you will make friends as well as respect them.

Here’s the video:

@cherinah254 I said what I Said oooh don’t beat me 😃😃😃🫣#tiktoknigeria #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #trending #viral #tiktokkenya #africa #afronation ♬ original sound – cherinah

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