Dorris Everlyne Mocks Ex-Lover Raymond Nduga’s Wealth Claims: ‘Which Billionaire?’


-Dorris Everlyne NyarGem, the wife of Raymond Nduga, has spoken about the ex-lover’s wealth

-Everlyne insinuates that Nduga, the self-declared billionaire, is fake after all

The end of relationships is in most times characterised by acrimony, and in some instances, ex-lovers wash their dirty linens in public.

The recent ending of the tumultuous relationship between self-declared billionaire lawyer Raymond Nduga and his lover Dorris Everlyne is no exception.

The former lovers have been online, revealing intimate details about each other.

Days after parting ways, Everlyne uploaded a photo of herself glowing on her Facebook page.

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The photo is in contrast to past photos, where she appeared sullen and rather unhappy.

The photo elicited reactions from netizens, with many hailing her decision to part ways with her ex-lover.

However, one incessant comment from netizens was about Nduga, who often styles himself as a billionaire.

One netizen by the name of Dion Mellisa commented in jest: Bibi ya (the wife of ) billionaire looking beautiful.

To which Dorris Everlyne replied, Which billionaire?

The comment and the reply from Everlyne invited other comments and replies of a similar inclination.

Here are more such comments:

Awuor Nyathii Moses: Bibi ya our own bedsitter billionaire and CEO of a kitchen full of plastics left, right, and centre

Tumsifu Yeso Kristo dada yangu.

Mueni Kithuku: “Ushaanza kuglow If i were you, I would use my newfound notoriety to start a show about abusers or something like that. And make money while healing. Abuse does not just break bones; it breaks your mind. Most women can relate.”

Esperance Akoth: A stranger here is rooting for you. You will bounce back stronger than ever before.

In the wake of lots of femicide in this country, I’m so proud of you for choosing you.

Please don’t relapse.

Carren Alexander: “I’m so happy for this girl. May the Lord bring you a good man. You shall heal all the traumas. We celebrate you for making this bold decision.”

The couple hit the headlines in September when he slapped Dorris mercilessly as she begged him to calm down.

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In a video that went viral, the city lawyer swiftly rose from his sitting position and rained slaps on the woman as a man seated with the couple watched.

“Leave this place, leave! Leave this place. I am done,” he is heard saying as he vented his anger on the hapless woman.

In the ensuing melee, the woman in absolute humility is heard pleading, “I have been jealous.”

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