What Caused the Death of Charles Ouda?

charles ouda

-Charles Ouda was without a doubt one of Kenya’s most talented actors

-Ouda died on February 3 aged 38, and his death has thrown Kenya into mourning 

The actor’s family issued a joint statement with Charlie’s fiancé, Ciru Muriuki, asking Kenyans to respect their privacy as they mourn their loss.

“Dear friends and family, it is with great sadness that we share the passing of Charles ‘Charlie’ J. Ouda on the night of February 3, 2024,” the joint statement reads.

“We appeal to all to give his fiancée, Ciru, and the Oudas space to grieve this unfathomable loss. More details will be given in due course.”

Charles Ouda’s last moments

Ouda was last seen alive attending a party held for the cast of Maisha Magic’s ‘Salem Show.’

Ouda, in his characteristic bubbly nature, encouraged his colleagues to seize every moment in life, having “survived” it all.

In the video, the actor is full of life, and there’s no hint of someone who is depressed.

“Some of us survived a year; some of us survived two; some of us survived more; but as we survived, I would ask us to remember one thing: we survived; we are here. The inches we fought for, the loves we lived for—everything I would ask that we love each other as we move forward,” he said.

Charles Ouda cause of death

The exact circumstances surrounding his death have not yet been established. The actor’s family, however, said more information would be released in due course.

However, close family sources and friends have told several local publications that Charles Ouda was battling alcoholism.

Also, reports say the creative might also have been battling depression.

Already, DCI’s homicide detectives have taken over the matter amid speculation that the actor may have unalived himself.


The late Charles Ouda and Fiancée Ciru Muriuki. Photo/courtesy

Charlie rose to fame after appearances on popular local TV shows, including the kid’s show Know Zone.

Other shows he featured in include Makutano Junction, Changing Times, Count it Out, and The First Grader.

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Charles Ouda was a gifted script writer, show host, event manager, and voice-over artist.

Recently, he joined his fiancé Ciru as co-host of the ‘undiscovered podcast’.

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