Did Self-declared Billionaire Raymond Nduga break up with Lover Dorris?


-Raymond Nduga, the man captured in video assaulting his lover Dorris Everlyne, claims they are no longer together

-Nduga made the revelation in a Facebook post where he also ridiculed Dorris

-His bragging and criticisms drew the ire of netizens, who told him off in the most unfavourable terms

Do you remember Raymond Nduga? Yes, the Nairobi-based lawyer captured on viral video slapping his lover?

Nduga has now posted on his Facebook page that he has parted ways with his lover, Dorris Everlyne.

In a terse viral emotionless post, Nduga said he had moved on after parting with Dorris.

In the message, the lawyer disparaged his ex-lover, saying she needed him more than he needed her.

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He further hailed his new lover as being more beautiful and curvier.

“Doris thinks if she leaves, my life will stop. She needs me more than I need her with her ever broke family. Meet billionaire’s new hot and thick thighed wife.

“At least huyu ako na sianda (big backside), Doris had small sianda na ngumu kushinda hata zangu mwanaume.”

The post attracted a heated response from netizens, with most bashing Nduga.

Here are some of the reactions:

Irene Mpenda Bidii: Na wewe matako kama njugu moja Imekaagwa ikauugua ndo unasema aaaaaai huyu naye matako kama tawi ya spinach ndo unasema sianda.

Edna Mutiva: “Hata huyu After one month, atakuwa hiyo sianda unasema, at least doris amefunguka macho akajua alikuwa anaishi shakahola akajiondoa.”

Bakari Kelvin: You have failed as a man. Insulting a woman and body-shaming her like that, na alikuzalia is a NO!

Dr Osuri Dennis: “You won’t disrespect women simply because you think you are rich. Your days are numbered. How I wish you knew the value of a woman in this life.”

Horace Ongili Omolo: Doris is from a royal family in Muhoroni. Any native of Muhoroni knows that so well. At least if you can’t respect her as your wife, then show honour to the Tado family. Good luck in your marriage.

Royal Gkk: “We can read bitterness from here to Timbuktu. Thank God Doris matured emotionally and is able to tell where she belongs. I wish her nothing but a quick recovery.”

Raymond Nduga hit the headlines in September when he slapped Dorris mercilessly as she begged him to calm down.

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In a fit of anger and hubris, the city lawyer swiftly rose from his sitting position and rained slaps on the woman as a man seated with the couple watched.

“Leave this place, leave! Leave this place. I am done,” he is heard saying as he vented his anger on the hapless woman.

In the ensuing melee, the woman in absolute humility is heard pleading, “I have been jealous.”

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