Nyako Pilot Defends Charlene Ruto Against Online Trolls


-Nyako Pilot has called out online trolls attacking Charlene Ruto

-She urged those insulting the first daughter to leave her alone, as she had her own life to live

Tiktoker Nyako Pilot has blasted online trolls attacking and besmirching the character of the first daughter, Charlene Ruto.

Nyako was reacting to increased trolling on the first daughter after rumours emerged that she was dating musician Daddy Owen.

In the wake of the rumours, Charlene Ruto has been trolled on account of her supposed poor fashion style.

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The TikToker condemned the trolling, saying Charlene comes across as humble and kind.

“People are making fun of her looks and who she is dating. I think it is not right, guys,” she said.

“Can’t you just let people be? Can’t you let the people in the spotlight be what they want to be?”


Charlene Ruto. Photo/Facebook

Nyako, who said she had been bullied before, reiterated that social media bullying imposes a heavy toll on the victims.

“Guys, let us think before we act. Social media bullying is real. And it can mess anybody up. Nobody is strong enough to stand up to social media bullying.”

Nyako said the attacks against the first daughter were motivated by politics, but urged the trolls to know Charlene had her life separate from his father, President William Ruto.

“Maybe the dad is not the best president that we’d have wanted. But bully her? … I have not interacted with Charlene, but I see a very humble person who is not up to hurting anybody on social media.”

Attacks against the first daughter online have intensified after the first daughter visited musician Daddy Owen’s home in Kakamega County.

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The visit has been the subject online, with bloggers and netizens intimating the two are an item. However, Daddy Owen has denounced the dating claims.

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