Has Lawyer Steve Ogolla Broken up with Cebbie Koks?


-Rumours of a split between lawyer Steve Ogolla and wife Cebbie Koks Nyasego have been going on for weeks now

-Posting on her Facebook page, Cebbie painted a portrait of a marriage on the rocks, insinuating Steve had’ returned’ her

Lawyer Steve Ogolla’s marriage to Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks, could be on the rocks.

Rumours of the couple known to set social media goals going separate ways have been going on for weeks now.

On Friday, January 19, Cebbie Koks posted a message that hinted her marriage with Steve Ogolla could be over.

The influencer also deleted all their wedding photos from her social media pages, leaving many speculating their one-year union was over.

Cebbie Koks wedding with Steve Ogolla

Steve Ogolla married Cebbie Koks Nyasego on December 28, 2022. The wedding attracted Kenya’s top-ranking politicians and celebrities.

Here are some of the reactions from posts about the couple on social media:

Jett Ogogo: My advice to the so-called celebs: Put your marriages secret and private. The moment you put them out publicly, people will not stop ridiculing your marriages.

Hannah Karuga: “I assure you that divorce is close; it looks like she wants it. People shouldn’t play with words.”

Norah Ngala: Does unfollowing your husband and deleting his photos together change anything in the past? We really need to grow up!

Levashila Ke: “Wueeeh bado hatujamalizana na ya sister Akothee,,jameni alafu tena Cebbie,,what is wrong with the current marriages,,God tuangalie please, especially hapa Kenya Ndoa hazidumu.”

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Ka Nyawira: Hii imeniuma sana, I really hoped for it to work; we allowed them to enjoy it, but who’s saitani?

Mwangi wa Fafa: “The majority of the unions that are too publicised and overhyped online do not last. There’s a curse in it.”

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