5 Signs Christina Shusho has Crossed over to Secular

Editor’s note: Pascal Mwaluma from Mombasa explains why he thinks Christina Shusho is no longer a gospel musician.

I’m aware that my assertion that Christina Shusho is no longer the gospel musician she once was will probably draw a lot of criticism.

But her fans of yesteryear have to accept this as reality.

Indeed, a discerning Christian can tell that Shusho’s current performances do not carry the anointing from her earlier days in the gospel music.

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So, allow me to go right to the point of why I believe our sister in the Lord Jesus Christ has become disinterested in faith.

1. David Moya’s surprise: The gospel singer got many questions when she allowed David Moya to surprise her during her concert in Kenya on December 31. And can you guess which song Moya was dancing to while giving Shusho the gift? Mi Amor, you guessed correctly.

Imagine Shusho becoming emotional on stage as Moya surprises him with a secular song. Churchill ought to have known better than to use Moya to surprise Shusho if, at all, it was a Christian concert. It is imperative that Churchill and Shusho violate 2 Corinthians 6:14–18.

2. Shusho supports Diamond Platnumz’s coffin entry.  Shusho in September 2023 said that she didn’t think Diamond Platinumz’s coffin entrance performance was inappropriate. She supported Simba by emphasising that the industry valued creativity in all its forms.

“They are very creative, so anything they do, if it is creativity, I fully accept and acknowledge creativity,” she said then.

Does she realise that Diamond Platnumz’s manoeuvre is a component of the dark force’s religion’s rituals?

3. Shusho’s links with secular musicians. The Bible clearly demands that Christians not be yoked together with unbelievers. Yet why does Shusho profess her links with Nyashinski and Diamond Platnumz?

4. Christina Shusho’s dress: The musician’s dress at the Garden City Mall event in Nairobi on New Year’s Eve has generated online conversation. Shusho looked stunning in a black satin dress with elaborate gold embroidery. Of course, the dress was figure-hugging and has stirred controversy in its wake. Many critics admonished the musician, claiming that the outfit was inappropriate. And they were correct, in my view. Does Shusho not know that igniting controversy impedes the gospel’s purpose and is not Christlike behaviour? Shusho must read John 3:30.

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Christina Shusho dress during the New Year concert. Photo: screengrab

5. Secular Mc: I was taken aback to discover that Dr Ofweneke was hosting the concert. In my opnion, secular emcees like Dr Ofweneke should concentrate on corporate or secular events like Akothee’s wedding.

I believe it is time to raise the bar for becoming a gospel musician or pastor, as it has been significantly lowered in recent years.

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