Christina Shusho: Why Nyashinski is My Favourite Secular Kenyan Musician


-Renowned Tanzanian gospel musician Christina Shusho has expressed her admiration for Nyashinski

-Shusho also stated that she would be happy to collaborate with Nyashinski if her pastors approved

Popular gospel artiste Christina Shusho has given an explanation of why she thinks so highly of Kenyan secular musician Nyashinski.

Shusho expressed her admiration for Nyashinki’s art and attitude in general during her Radio Citizen  interview on Mseto East Africa.

Nyamari Ongegu, known professionally as Nyashinski, is a leading Kenyan rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Among his hit songs are Mungu Pekee, Lucky You, and Hayawani.

“I adore his artwork. Additionally, he seems quite respectful,” she remarked.

When asked if she would approve the secular artiste’s request for a collaboration, she said that she would first consult her pastors.

“I’ve always sought advice from my pastors before making career decisions. I would move on with the collaboration (with Nyashinski) if the pastors gave their OK.”

She declared that she would never defy her pastors, arguing that doing so would be like a child refusing her parent’s wise advice.


Tanzanian gospel musician Christina Shusho. Photo/Instagram

Shusho has worked with several Kenyan gospel musicians, such as Ringtone, Mercy Masika and Janet Otieno.

She is also renowned for her melodious voice and precise lyrics. It recently emerged that the majority of her songs are inspired by biblical passages.

Many of her fans praised her after the viral revelation, with many saying that’s how it should be.

@kimrobstan: I am surprised that you guys are surprised. This is how gospel music is supposed to be. Sing from the scriptures. (Bible).

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@fanconsul: “You guys are funny. The majority of gospel songs are picked from the Bible word for word. Where have you been living, Bermuda Triangle?”

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