Model Claims Being Super Attractive Has Caused Her ‘Many Problems’


-A stunningly beautiful woman has listed the numerous disadvantages of being super attractive

-She said the pretty privileges she enjoyed were incomparable to the detriments she got on a daily basis

A super attractive woman has opened up about the challenges she faces in being stunningly beautiful.

The model, who goes by the name jessleewong92 on TikTok, complained she has a hard time making friends.

She further said she has had friends who stick close to her in order to enjoy some of the privileges she gets for being attractive.

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She further said she had friends who cut her off for no reason.

“I’ve met people who gravitate towards me because I’m attractive. Because they think in proximity, they will get some of my privileges,” said Jessleewong92.


She said relationships had proved difficult for her, adding that some men who approached her saw her as a trophy.

She further said some of her past boyfriends left as they could not deal with the lots of attention she got.

“I’ve had boyfriends who’ve not been able to deal with the amount of attention I get and therefore take it out on me. I’ve been stalked and assaulted,” she said.

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Jessleewong92. Photo/screenshot

Pretty privilege

While admitting that her beauty has earned her preferential treatment in some cases, the challenges that come with having a pretty face far outweigh the advantages.

“When people talk about pretty privilege, yes, I will get a free meal. I will get a free entry. I will get preferential treatment. A lot of times, I don’t have to pay for stuff. That’s great”

“But I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to the amount of detriment being attractive has put me in.”

She said attractive people have to constantly protect themselves, both physically and mentally.

Here are some of the reactions to the post:

Purple: Pretty privilege is only in the media; in real life, pretty girls suffer the most. Others are extremely jealous of them and extra mean.

Jojo: “I’m so glad you’re speaking up about this! A pretty privilege isn’t always a privilege.”

Athesehzi: No one talks about being hated by your own mom, aunts, and female cousins.

Ulysses Smith: “The reason we don’t talk about this is because it’s like rich people complaining about having money.”


Jessleewong92 says being super attractive has made life hard for her. Photo/screenshot

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Dreizy321: How about not getting hired because the female manager thought I’d be a distraction to the guys in the warehouse?

Mya: “It’s hard to find true, genuine friends that don’t get jealous, compare themselves, etc.”

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