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Javier Milei Biography: Age, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth


Javier Milei, the far-right libertarian outsider, is the winner of Argentina’s presidential run-off poll.

Milei’s rival, Sergio Massa, called the winner to concede.

So far, various world leaders, including former US president Donald Trump, have congratulated Milei on his victory.

Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform: “The whole world was watching! I am very proud of you.”

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also congratulated Milei on his election “and to the people of Argentina for holding free and fair elections”.

Milei charged up his supporters with a rousing victory speech in Buenos Aires.

He said:

“Today begins the reconstruction of Argentina. Today begins the end of Argentina’s decline.

“The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no way back.

“Argentina will return to its place in the world that it should never have lost. We are going to work shoulder-to-shoulder with all nations of the free world to help build a better world.”

Who is Javier Milei?

Milei commands a legion of fans who see him as the man who will get Argentina through the current economic challenges.

Milei, who has an unruly mop of hair and talks with great ferocity, is known to refer to himself as “the lion.”

The president-elect has brought back memories of former US president Donald Trump’s campaign prior to the 2016 election.

Milei’s comments on television that always railed at the government’s spending attracted a lot of support from ordinary Argentinians.

Many pundits earlier downplayed the 53-year-old’s chances of leading South America’s second-largest economy.

However, he built strong grassroots support thanks to his proposals for drastic measures to rein in soaring inflation and by pledging to crusade against the creep of socialism in society.

Milei’s promises

Milei has promised to replace the local currency with the US dollar. He terms the latter plan a masterstroke in dealing with the scourge of inflation, which has topped 140%.

The president-elect has also promised a lean government to boost economic growth. That entails eliminating half of the government ministries.

Reducing the state’s size aligns with his demands that Argentina’s government rid itself of the “political caste,” much as former US President Donald Trump talked about “draining the swamp” in reference to the powerful establishment.

Is Milei an economist?

Milei held the position of head economist at Corporación America, one of the biggest corporations in Argentina that manages the majority of the nation’s airports, prior to coming into the public eye.

He left the company in 2021 when he was elected to the legislature.

Strong views on culture

Milei openly disdains feminist policies and abortion, which Argentina legalised in recent years. The president-elect has proposed a national vote to repeal the law.

In the same vein as Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” Milei has said he will return the country to an unspecified period of greatness.

Personal life

Milei is a son of a passenger transport businessman and a homemaker. He says he had a strained relationship with his father during his early years.

A younger Milei not only played in a musical band but also served as the goalkeeper of a football club.

He would put football aside to study economics during the hyperinflation period of the late 1980s.

The fiery Milei additionally stated that he had a close relationship with her sister, Karina Milei, who oversaw his campaign.

He refers to her as “the boss” and has said time and time again that she was the driving force behind his ascent to power.

Milei frequently covered more ground than just politics and the economy while speaking on television.

He went into detail about his personal life as well. At one point, he claimed to be an authority in tantric liaison, freely admitting that he had engaged in group coitus on several occasions.

Is Javier Milei married?

Milei isn’t known to have friends and hasn’t had a committed love relationship for many years of his adult life.

In July, after months of claiming he had no time for dating, he began dating the artist and actress Fátima Flórez.

Florez is well-known for her imitations of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the president from 2007 to 2015.

Milei’s net worth

Javier Milei has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Milei’s education background

Javier Milei grew up in the Villa Devoto neighbourhood. He attended Catholic and private universities.

Milei went to Cardenal Copello for his high school studies and then moved to Sáenz Peña, Buenos Aires.

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He then earned an economics degree from the prestigious University of Belgrano.

The politician later bagged two master’s degrees.

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