Ugandan Man Says Kenyan Women Make the Best Wives in Africa


Kenyan women are assertive, but how would you rate their suitability for marriage? Getty Soila provides the opposing viewpoints of two men: one from Kenya and one from Uganda.

A widely held notion in Kenya is that Ugandan women make the best wives in all of East Africa.

This is to say Ugandan ladies beat both Kenyan and Tanzanian women in matters of treating husbands and being good homemakers.

But there are many theories as to why a sizeable number of men in Kenya think Ugandan women make better wives than Kenyan women.

Michael Omondi, a Kenyan man who went to college in Uganda, says Ugandan women are indeed a cut above the rest.

He says, right from their youth, they are brought up to be homemakers.

“I was struck particularly by how Ugandan women prioritise marriage and submission to husbands, their level of education notwithstanding,” says Omondi.

“I remember asking some classmate lady friends what they wanted to do after completing the degree course. I was struck by their replies, with the three out of five ladies saying all they wanted was to get married,” said Omondi.

The IT expert says their reply piqued his interest, and he prodded further.

“I was pleasantly surprised that their biggest desire was raising a family and submitting to their husbands,” he said.

Omondi, who has a Ugandan wife, says most Ugandan women are brought up to value marriage and family.

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He laughs mockingly when I ask what he thinks about Kenyan women in regard to marriage and submission.

“I asked the same question to a group of five Kenyan women in the same college, and the answers were totally different.

“All were talking about getting a job, buying the first house and cars, and going on road trips. Only one mentioned marriage and submitting to a husband,” said Omondi in a fit of laughter.

John Mukisa, a Ugandan engineer who lives and works in Nairobi, seems to disagree with Omondi, at least to a degree.


A Ugandan model. Photo/courtesy

Mukisa says that while Ugandan women may excel in homemaking matters, Kenyan women are more hardworking and entrepreneurial.

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The engineer says the quality of Kenyan women’s being hardworking and aggressively entrepreneurial makes up for their homemaking skills.

“Today’s life is more challenging, and most men desire women who can offer a helping hand in the face of challenges, especially financial storms.

“What’s more, if you died as a man, your children are likely to enjoy a better quality of life if your woman is aggressive and empowered,” says Mukisa.

He says Kenyan women are the most hardworking women in Africa, if not the world. Mukisa also thinks they make the best wives in Africa.

“I have been to many countries in Africa and around the world, and I can say Kenyan women are the most hardworking in Africa, if not the world,” he says.

“Their entrepreneurial spirit is also worth emulating. I was pleasantly surprised that in Kenya, many women own multi-million-dollar businesses. They are also very informed and are a joy to chat with,” Mukisa says.

“There is a spirited attempt to cast Kenyan women as assertive and too loud for comfort. Having lived in Kenya for six years now, I can say this notion is misplaced and wrong,” said Mukisa.

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He says he has a Kenyan fiancé with whom he wants to tie the knot in April 2024.

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