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The Worst Day of My Life – How an Office Affair Ruined my Career


Editor’s note: Mike Obi shares about, “The Worst Day of My Life,” how a blissful office romance turned sour and ruined his career.

Everything was going rather smoothly thanks to a great wife, two children, and an exciting job.

I had made some strides in my career by getting promoted each year.

I grew up in a low-income family, and that motivated me to succeed in life. So I never entertained the idea of fooling around.

And to top it off, I had zero respect for males who slept with the younger girls at work.

The girls at the workplace were stunning, and if one pressed harder, they were available. However, something inside of me kept urging me not to go down that road.

I concentrated on my career and getting the best output for the company. I worked at a HR and talent search firm, and you can imagine the gorgeous beauties I interacted with on a daily basis.


On the day I was promoted to manager, a senior colleague volunteered to buy me coffee.

I was unable to decline his offer because he was a good and cheerful man.

During the coffee meeting, we talked about a wide range of topics, including the girls at work.

I learned my colleague had several girlfriends in the office, something I found hard to reconcile.

“How exactly do you manage to keep it a secret?” I asked.

My colleague claimed to have implicitly and privately informed each of the three interns that he would have them sacked if they hinted at a relationship in any way.

Although I was repulsed, the thrill had me invested, and I considered trying Lisa.

Lisa was possibly the most attractive intern out of the six we had.

Every time we met, she would look at me in amazement, and I believe that she liked me.

But I kept this to myself.

Bliss with Lisa

When Lisa visited my office the next day, I decided to make a move. I asked her out for a coffee date later that day after signing the document I was required to.

She smiled and asked, “Me?” with bright eyes. “Are you kidding me?”

I responded, “I’m serious. You’re truly beautiful”.

She was 24 years old and looked good in her well-fitting clothes. She also had an attractive smile.

We met in the evening, and I informed her of my plans. Lisa was mesmerised. The results actually exceeded my expectations.

Our relationship with Lisa grew. She gave my life a brand-new spark. My wife even commented that I seemed happier.

Lisa’s productivity at work peaked. I also overheard other girls’ say that she seemed content and happier.

“Hmm, what do you consume these days? Yet we, your coworkers, look worn out and battered,” I heard one girl tell her.

office affair
The Worst Day of My Life. How a blissful office romance turned awry. Photo/courtesy


We were into our third month of dating when I was summoned into the director’s office. I was rather surprised to find my friend, whom we had coffee with on the day of my promotion, together with our director.

After the usual pleasantries, the director, who was a man of few words, told me I had been fired. The reason: I had a romantic relationship with an intern, which was against the company’s policy.

He also gave me a printout of my private conversations with Lisa along with my letter of dismissal. My goose was cooked; I knew it.

I made an effort to defend myself in speech, but I was unable to. Prior I had never been in a romantic relationship with a coworker before Lisa.

I realized that my SMS chats and my social media accounts might have been hacked.

My coffee companion was silent the entire time. I almost had the impression that he was enjoying watching me in my predicament.

He grinned as the director instructed me to hand the reins over to him while they simultaneously hunted for a replacement.

Lisa was inconsolable. A few days later, she was ordered to write a letter of apology. She chose to resign.

She also disclosed that my coffee colleague might have been behind my woes.

“He once tried to seduce me. The company’s director made an effort as well,” Lisa revealed.

“You’re the most attractive and dignified man in this company, and when you asked, I gave in even though I knew you were a married man,” she remarked.

“But I turned them down for a simple reason: I did not feel any chemistry.”

I made the decision to tell my wife of 15 years the news of my dismissal that evening. I made the decision to be open and honest with her.

Financial ruin

I had been fired because of an affair I had at work with a 24-year-old intern.

I witnessed my wife’s entire being shut down in that one sentence, and I was in astonishment and numb at the same time.

She had been genuinely convinced up until that point that I was the best spouse there was and that she was the luckiest person alive.

We lost our dream home in a year, went bankrupt, and sold the car and plots of land we had purchased for potential development.

We also relocated to a small two-bedroom apartment, which brought back memories of our first home.

The fact that our kids had to transfer to a nearby school where their peers made fun of them pained us the most.

Despite my costly mistake, I’m grateful that my wife has never criticized me and has been quite kind.


I’m making every effort to regain control of the situation, and I’m confident that I will, but of course with better wisdom.

I hope this message will make you think twice, if necessary, if you are married or even doing well in your career.

Always keep in mind that the casual bliss we seek could result in a very expensive error.

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Additionally, it is wise to have moral convictions and keep in mind that not everyone has your best interests in mind.

Finally, it’s crucial to exercise more caution and diligence while things are going well because this is the very time when mistakes are most likely to occur.

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