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Nairobi: Husband Throws Stone at Police Station after Cop Insulted Wife

A man has been arraigned in court after he reportedly stormed a police station and damaged property of unknown value.

Magistrate Wandia Nyamu heard that the accused, Justine Onami Osinde pelted Ngara Police Station with stones and broke 17 windows after an officer at the station reportedly insulted his pregnant wife.

The accused told the Court that he threw stones at the station after the officer referred his pregnant wife to a prostitute.

“Your honour , before I take plea I pray this court to refer me to a constitutional court to seek justice, my rights were violet by the police

“I want to know if it’s correct for a police officer whom I know to call my pregnant wife a prostitute,” Osinde told the court.

Osinde said the incident happened when he and his wife were looking for a place to sleep since their house had been locked due to lack of rent.

“The officer walked out of the bar and called my wife prostitute while removing her clothes, that is when I jumped to protect her,” he added.

Following the incident, the accused said other police officers who were on duty ganged up against him and forcefully arrested him before taking him to Ngara Police Station.

He pleaded not guilty and was released on a cash bail of KSh 20,000.


Ngara Police Station

A police land cruiser on patrol PHOTO/COURTESY earlier reported that a video of a motorist assaulting a traffic police officer went viral on social media eliciting mixed reactions from netizens.

According to Sikika Road Safety, the police officer identified as Mark Muriira was reporting to work in a matatu when he saw the motorist and another engaging in a bitter altercation.

He tried to intervene but the furious motorist wanted none of it and hit the police officer.

In the video, the motorist who seemed drunk punched the officer from behind while demanding to know why he interfered with the altercation.

After receiving the blow that saw his hat flying, the officer confronted the motorist demanding to know why he punched him.

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A police Land Cruiser was passing by and officers in the vehicle alighted and arrested the motorist.

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