Iguru No Rikiki Originator Says She Wasn’t Speaking in Tongues


-Minister Martha, the originator of the viral Iguru No Rikiki Tik-Tok challenge, has revealed the genesis of the poetic speech

-Martha, who describes herself as a natural orator, said she did not plan for the speech

-She further refuted claims that she mocked the Holy Spirit

Minister Martha, the woman behind the viral Tik-Tok challenge, Iguru No Rikiki, says she never planned for the now viral speech.

According to Martha, who doubles up as a preacher and MC, her speech during singer Sammy Irungu’s ordination was more of a spur-of-the moment inspiration.

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Speaking on Kigooco FM, she said her poetic manner of speech was a coded language that aimed to reach her close circle of colleagues attending the event.

“It was a reply to my colleagues who have been asking me personal questions about the ministry,” she said.

She revealed Rinai, Ridia, and Ribakonta refer to the challenges she was passing through. As for the Rikiki, it stood for Gukira Kii (utter silence).

“This is to say I had been praying for a long time without seeing results.”

“There’s a time in life when the heavens go silent (No Rikiki). These are the times you pray, but you get no answer.”

Dis she plan for the speech?

Asked if she planned for the speech that has since gone viral, Martha replied:

I never planned for anything. I think I’m a natural orator. In fact, many people know me as a Master of Ceremonies (MC).

I’m gifted when it comes to coming up with words or phrases at the spur of the moment and communicating them effectively.

The words flowed out naturally when I rose up to introduce myself and give a testimony. I would be lying if I said that I was speaking in tongues on that particular day. It was just a spur-of-the moment inspiration. Also, the speech was not making fun of the Holy Spirit, as some people claim.”

“I have been through ups and downs in recent years. My late husband’s family took all our possessions after he died of leukaemia.”

What’s more, I started preaching ministry, and I encountered more challenges. That’s what I wanted to communicate,” she said.

Going viral

Minister Martha says she was taken aback when her niece played the speech and informed her that she was trending.

“At first, I was startled, and I wondered if I had done anything negative. You see, I’ve not stolen any woman’s husband. I even don’t have my own.” She said, laughing.

My niece then showed the video, and I recalled my speech at the event. At that moment, I was relieved.”

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She admits the video has increased her popularity, and she hopes the new-found fame will open opportunities for her.

“I’ve been praying fervently for God to remember me. And finally, things appear to be looking up,” she said.

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