Pastor James Ng’ang’a Slams Local Pastors Who Speak in Fake American Accent: ‘Na Ni Murang’a’


-Neno Evangelism Centre’s senior pastor James Ng’ang’a has slammed pastors who preach with an American tweng

-Ng’ang’a said the twenging pastors lacked humility

Neno Evangelism Centre’s senior pastor, James Ng’ang’a, has slammed pastors in rural churches who preach in English with a Tweng.

In a viral video, Ng’ang’a said the pastors gave the interpreters a hard time as the tweng made it difficult to interpret.

Pastor Ng’ang’a wondered why such pastors concentrated on speaking with a tweng when they could easily communicate in local dialects.

“Unaongea mhubiri anaongea, “praise the Lord…hallelujah” (twenging) Hata mkalimani anashindwa kutafsiri. Na ni Murang’a. Na hakuna mtu mwingine huko hasikiii Kikuyu.”

He further bashed the twenging pastors, saying they were driven to tweng in a bid to show they were sophisticated.

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He continued his assault, saying the twenging men of God were neither smart nor did they command any air of sophistication.

He particularly took a swipe at the cars of most of the twenging pastors, saying the mobility tools did not warrant the owners to tweng.

“Prado ni gari ya kuwa mtu hajui Kiswahili? Hata ya kuomba maji. Kiburi tu,” he said.

Meanwhile, Victor Kanyari, the Salvation Healing Ministry senior pastor, has advised his congregation to avoid cheap cars.

Kanyari said vehicles such as Toyota Proboxes were death traps.

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The preacher said Proboxes and other cheap cars ranked poorly in safety standards, something he said led to deaths in accidents.

“It’s rare to hear of a wealthy person dying at a young age; it’s very rare, about one out of 10.”

The preacher said safe vehicles like SUVs powered by big V8 engines rarely lead to fatal accidents, unlike “cheaper options like Proboxes and motorbikes.”

“In the event you lose control and the vehicle crashes, there are many airbags to ensure your safety, even without salvation and prayers… One will catch you here, and another will protect you there. You find yourself well protected, as if you’ve not just had an accident.”

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