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Pastor Kanyari Mourns ‘Only Sister’ Starlet Wahu Mwangi in Moving Tribute: ‘Beautiful but Stubborn’


-Pastor Kanyari has described his late sister, Starlet Wahu Mwangi, as a stubborn socialite

-Kanyari said her sister might have been killed after she refused to give her suspected murderer money

Pastor Victor Kanyari has rendered a moving tribute to his young sister, Starlet Wahu Mwangi, describing her as beautiful but stubborn.

Speaking during a sermon in his church on Sunday, January 7, the pastor said her sister had grown up in America.

“It is true that my only sister, who spent her younger years in America, was murdered on Thursday, January 3.”

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The pastor went ahead to describe in great detail the events leading to Starlet Wahu’s death.

“My sister met her would-be murderer on an online dating platform. She got interested in the man after he told her that he was rich.

“My sister, being a socialite is attracted to glitz and wealth, swallowed the bait.”

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Kanyari said the two later met for a meal and drinks, after which they took an Airbnb to spend the night.

“My sister insisted on an HIV test before they could sleep together. All this while, it did not ring to my sister that she was with a serial killer.”

Tried calling

According to Kanyari, at one time Wahu tried caling him, but he did not pick up the call.

He further claimed the man turned against her sister and demanded KSh 500K.

“My sister had started withdrawing money from her account. However, I think a commotion ensued, and that’s how she got stabbed in the neck and on the thigh.”

“My sister is hard-headed, and I think she refused to yield to the threats of her torturer.”

He said the murderer left the house after stabbing her sister in the head and on the thigh.

“All indications are that my sister died while trying to open the door so she could be assisted to seek treatment for her injuries.

Hurried burial

Speaking on Wahu’s rather hurried burial, Kanyari said he took the decision to avoid nagging by the media.

“I asked the family to bury her quickly because I did not want nagging by the media.

“I told my mother, since she’s dead and won’t resurrect, let’s bury her. She died on Thursday, and we buried her on Saturday at 8 a.m.”

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He said the family hopes justice will be served, as the suspect has tortured many other girls before.

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