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Francis Gaitho: TikToker Criticises Mr Beast for Drilling 52 Boreholes in Kenya


-TikToker Francis Gaitho slammed Mr Beast, saying the latter’s intentions were not genuine

-The wealthy American YouTuber claims to have sunk 52 boreholes in Kenya

YouTuber Mr Beast has come under fire from TikToker Francis Gaitho for drilling boreholes in Kenya.

Gaitho claimed in a widely shared video that Mr Beast’s charitable endeavors served to uphold the myth that Africa is a poor continent in desperate need of philanthropy and handouts.

He said the YouTuber’s generosity would have been far more beneficial if he had empowered young entrepreneurs to start businesses.

The fiery TikToker also questioned Mr Beast’s charitable intentions, pointing out that the videos he posted as part of his purported generosity would allow him to recover the money from views on his YouTube channel.

“Mr. Beast, we no longer need philanthropy. Besides, you’re still going to recover all your money from the views on your social media platforms.”

Gaitho criticised the YouTuber, claiming that his representation of Kenya as a poor nation will give the country a permanent negative reputation.

“We’re not a poor country. We have a lot of resources. We export coffee to America.”

The TikToker stated that unbridled corruption by persons in authority was the reason Kenya and Africa lagged behind in development.

He slammed the “charade” by Mr Beast, saying CDF and monies from the county government were enough to undertake such projects.

Gaitho urged that the YouTuber use his channels and influence to demand for action against corrupt African politicians.

He said it was ironic that the US continues to prop corrupt politicians who hide their illicit wealth overseas.

According to Mr Beast, he dug 52 boreholes in Kenya to supply communities and educational institutions with clean drinking water.

The American YouTuber flew to Kenya to record the drilling of the wells and engage with locals and students.

He claims that the project is an integral part of his mission to drill 100 wells throughout Africa.

The 25-year-old YouTuber was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina.

He boasts over 207 million subscribers making him the second-most subscribed YouTuber globally.

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Mr Beast is the highest-paid YouTuber in 2023, with a projected net worth of $500 million (KSh 75 billion).

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