TikToker Urges Netizens to Leave High School WhatsApp Groups: ‘They Don’t Add Value’


A Tik-Toker has urged netizens to remove themselves from High School WhatsApp groups.

The man identified as Ekow Eshun slammed the groups, saying they had no worthwhile goal of bettering the lives of their members.

Eshun claimed that the groups’ main activities include attending naming ceremonies and funeral contributions, and they hardly ever discuss business-related topics.

“About 99% of high school WhatsApp groups that we have in Africa are just for entertainment. They live in the past. They always talk about the good old days when we were in school.”

“I don’t have any problem with the groups making contributions to help the needy. But I have a problem when we have a group and we’re not sharing important things that will add value to our lives,” he said.

He further said the group members living in the past have nipped in the bud life-changing ideas.

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The Tiktoker added that the majority of people in the WhatsApp groups tend to oppose any suggestions that would uplift other members.

“Even if you are successful in the group and you want to empower members in the group, some of the people who have a high school mentality will tell you to shut up, saying you were not even smart in school.”

He asked development-conscious members of such groups to insist on sharing valuable ideas.

“If we meet, we need to share business ideas and improve ourselves.”

Here are some of the reactions:

Imole Ile:“I mistakenly left, and I realised It felt better that the unnecessary notification wanted to drive me crazy, especially when I was expecting meaningful mail.”

Ben: I think that’s your personal experience, and I respect that. Mine talks about ideas and a medium for sharpening each other. I’ll hold on to that value.

Emeka Ezoenu: “I agree with you completely. I removed myself, and some of them texted me to ask why I said sorry. You guys are not saying anything productive, and that’s why I left.”

Saleh Mahmood: I removed old school, college, and university groups from social media. And I couldn’t be more satisfied.

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Oluwa Becky: “When I lost my mom and nobody came through for me,those secondary schoolmates were the ones that stood up and supported me.”

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